Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Blackaby’s Workshop on Overcoming Obstacles

Have you reached a roadblock in your writing? Do you feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the challenges in your path? 

Every mighty hero must overcome powerful enemies and overwhelming obstacles to achieve his or her goal. The writer’s journey is no different. From the elusive search for inspiration to overcoming the dreaded writer’s block and navigating the maze of publication options, a writer is faced with opposition at every turn. At Write2Ignite 2018, Daniel Blackaby’s breakout session “Heroic Writing: Overcoming the Obstacles to Find Victory in Your Writing” will equip you with fun and practical advice to reach the end of the journey confident and victorious.

Daniel published his first novel as a 23-year-old college student. Since then, he’s published multiple books in both fiction and nonfiction genres. His writing has received several awards and nominations; has been featured in major trades, such as Publishers Weekly; and has been featured at several major retail conventions (ALA, ICRS). When not working on new writing projects, Daniel is completing a PhD in the field of Christianity and the ArtsHe has a passion for connecting with aspiring writers and artists and helping them leverage their creative talents for the glory of God. 

To learn more about Daniel Blackaby, visit his website, DanielBlackaby.com.

Speaker Spotlight: Jenny L. Cote’s Workshop on Plot

Want to improve your stories’ plot lines? Attend this year’s Write2Ignite conference for guidance from a published author!

Jenny L. Cote’s workshop, “‘Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Another Plot Line!’” will cover Jenny’s research for her novel on Patrick Henry—The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key. Go behind the scenes of Patrick Henry’s famous speech that rallied a nation to independence, and discover how it actually all started in Rome. Jenny will share how she’s weaving together one fun plot line for this famous speech across two novels and weaving a second plot line across seven novels.

An award-winning author and speaker, Jenny developed an early passion for God, history, and young people and beautifully blends these three passions in her two fantasy fiction series, The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz® and Epic Order of the Seven®. Likened to C. S. Lewis by readers and book reviewers alike, she speaks on creative writing at schools, universities, and conferences around the world.

Jenny has a passion for making history fun for kids of all ages, instilling in them a desire to discover their part in HIStory. Her love for research has taken her to most Revolutionary sites in the U.S.; to London (with unprecedented access to Handel House Museum to write in Handel’s composing room); to Oxford (to stay in the home of C. S. Lewis, “the Kilns,” and interview Lewis’s secretary, Walter Hooper, at the Inklings’ famed Eagle and Child Pub); to Paris; to Normandy; to Rome; to Israel; and to Egypt. She partnered with the National Park Service to produce Epic Patriot Camp, a summer writing camp at Revolutionary parks to excite kids about history, research, and writing.

Jenny’s books are available online and in stores around the world, as well as in multiple e-book formats. Jenny holds two marketing degrees from the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. A Virginia native, Jenny now lives in Roswell, Georgia.

To learn more about Jenny, visit her on Facebook and at EpicOrderoftheSeven.com.

Are You Willing to Be Rejected?

by Ava Pennington

Nobody likes to be rejected. And when we’ve poured ourselves into a writing project, only to see it rejected by agents and editors, it’s easy to take that rejection personally. “My manuscript isn’t good enough.” “My writing skills aren’t good enough.” “I’m not good enough.” Is that true? Before you believe the lie that you’re […]

Where to Submit Short Stories

by Grace Geide

Last week, we suggested three ways to celebrate Short Story Month. Maybe (we hope!) you’ve started writing your own short stories. Great! Now what? This week, we’d like to help you find places to submit short stories. Contests Whether you’re just starting to write short stories or have a cache of completed manuscripts, there’s a […]

Smiling man writing on paper in a grassy field

Speaker Spotlight: Jean Matthew Hall’s Workshop “Writing from Childhood Memories”

Jean Matthew Hall, an elementary school educator and administrator and former director of Write2Ignite Conference, is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency.

She recently signed with Little Lamb Books to publish a series of four picture books about God’s creation during the four seasons of the year.

Jean’s focus as a writer is “listen[ing] to the hearts of teachers, children, and parents of almost every age” and writing stories that “communicate values and truths about God, His world, and His Word.”

In her workshop “Writing from Childhood Memories,” Jean will explore writing children’s (and young adults’) stories based on childhood memories. She will discuss pluses and minuses and the problems with using memories that are one or two generations removed from children today. This session includes hands-on projects to probe writers’ memories and translate those memories into contemporary stories.  

To learn more about Jean, visit her website and blog at JeanMatthewHall.com.

Speaker Spotlight: Kim Peterson’s Workshop “Devotions That Enlighten and Engage”

Kim Peterson believes that children need to grow in Jesus and that you can help them do so! In her workshop “Devotions That Enlighten and Engage,” Kim will help you discover the tools to create devotionals that impact hearts and keep kids engaged.

With her many years of experience as an author, longtime writing instructor and former writer-in-residence at Bethel College (IN), freelance writer, and writing coach as a graduate of the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Kim has helped hundreds of writers learn the craft and mentored scores to success as published authors. A frequent conference speaker, Kim has been with Write2Ignite Conference from its beginning and has presented at every year’s conference! She now resides in Tennessee.

You can learn more about Kim on Facebook and through her blog, Nature Walk with God.

3 Ways to Celebrate Short Story Month

by Grace Geide

Woman reading an open book on a stone wall by water

“Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.” ―Neil Gaiman May is here, and that means it’s National Short Story Month! Short stories may be—well—short, but if done […]