Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Blackaby presents “The Journey Begins: Step-by-Step Preparation for Beginning the Writer’s Journey”

Daniel Blackaby

Author and speaker Daniel Blackaby inspired both teen and adult writers at  Write2Ignite 2017. He returns with three new workshops for W2I 2018. Featured today is his session on getting started as a writer.

“You’ve heard that “all is well that ends well,” but if you depart on the adventure without the proper provisions you’re doomed to fail! How you start the writer’s journey will largely determine how you finish it. This session will provide all the tools needed to begin your exciting journey and to ensure that you’re equipped to reach your final destination alive and stronger than ever.”

Daniel published his first novel as a 23-year old college student. Since then, he has published multiple books in both fiction and non-fiction genres. His writing has received several awards and nominations, been featured in major trades such as Publishers Weekly, and at several major retail conventions (ALA, ICRS). When not working on new writing projects, Daniel is completing a PhD in the field of Christianity and the ArtsDaniel has a passion for connecting with aspiring writers and artists and helping them to leverage their creative talents for the glory of God.    

To learn more about Daniel Blackaby, visit his website, http://www.danielblackaby.com/

The Key to REAL Writing Success

by Ava Pennington

We all want to be successful writers. But how do we define success? A recent search for the word “success” in the Amazon books category yielded 266,470 results. At the click of a button, more than a quarter of a million books available today on how to become successful! Let’s face it. No one wakes […]

Teen Keynote preview: Tessa Emily Hall “You’re Never Too Young to Begin Your Writing Journey”

 Award-winning author and blogger Tessa Emily Hall attended Write2Ignite Conference 2017 as a junior literary agent and connected immediately with Teen Track participants. We are excited to bring her back to present Teen Track keynotes and workshops at our September 21-22, 2018 conference! Tessa’s opening Teens-Only keynote will encourage teen writers as she shares  her experience and insights: “Teen  Writers: You’re Never Too Young to Begin Your Writing Journey.”

“When I began my writing journey at 15-years-old, I soon discovered that adults had
differing opinions about teen writers. While most were supportive, others advised that I
stay away from pursuing the writing journey until later in life. In this workshop, I’ll give
a brief overview of my writing journey—including how I received a publishing contract
at 16-years-old—and discuss the pros and cons of pursuing writing at an early age.”

For more details about Tessa’s career, see her website https://TessaEmilyHall.com/

Opening Keynote “LIBERTY” for September 21-22, 2018 Write2Ignite Conference!

Scheduling is almost complete for Write2Ignite 2018! Here is the first of many preview posts describing keynotes and workshop selections you can enjoy. We begin with keynote speaker Jenny L. Cote’s opening keynote, “LIBERTY.”

How exactly does one become an author anyway? Are you born with a pen in your hand, or does it take a little more than that? Drawing inspiration from Pilgrim’s Progress and Oswald Chambers, Jenny discusses how writers can discover liberty that will touch others through our words. Before God’s message can liberate other people, His liberation must first be real in us. Through the steps of gathering material carefully, and then allowing God to ‘set [our] words on fire’ for His glory,” Jenny will use the theme of Liberty to set the stage for exploring the life of writing and deadlines, all for God’s glory.

Learn why so many authors fail, and the three keys [necessary] to liberate your writing journey for success. Jenny shares her journey to become a published author, how she developed her marketing platform, and how she created the EPIC brand.

The Good, the Bad and the Mediocre of Self-Publishing

Part V in the Write2Ignite Author Interview series on Self-Publishing

Ken Winters, author of the YA novel The Lost Crown of Colonnade, served as a Navy Chaplain; a few years ago, he retired from full-time ministry. After investigating several Christian self-publishing companies, he published this first novel in 2011. He shares here, in the fifth of our Write2Ignite author interviews on self-publishing, what he learned […]

Writing Resolutions for 2018

by Ava Pennington

Have you made personal new year’s resolutions for this year? If you did, now that we’re two weeks into 2018, how many resolutions have you kept? Have you set any new year’s resolutions for your writing? It’s not too late. Here are a few resolutions for you to consider:   Pray Of course you’d expect […]

A Case of Grace at W2I!

Kristi Butler and Samantha S. Bell collaborate on Groundhog Day in Amazing Grace Acres

  Author Kristi M. Butler shares how her new books about Groundhog Day and groundhogs emerged from attendance at Write2Ignite Conference, a vacation cabin, and meeting illustrator Samantha S. Bell. Write2Ignite is one of my “happy places”! Perusing the website and blog brings back sweet memories and never fails to bring a smile to my […]