Giveaway Contest: Week 4!

Category: Most Memorable W2I Experience

This week’s contest is open to everyone! All you have to do is answer this question: what has been your most memorable experience at a Write2Ignite conference? If you haven’t attended a Write2Ignite conference yet, describe the experience you would most like to have.  Submit your answer before June 23 by commenting on this post, […]

Summer Registration Sale!

National Flip-Flop Day is today, June 15, just a few days before summer begins on June 21. Make Someone Smile Day is also in June. We hope you have a reason to smile every day, but just in case you need something to smile about, here it is! Write2Ignite Summer Registration Sale June 15–21, 2018 […]

Sneak Peek: Daniel Blackaby’s Presentations for W2I 2018

by Daniel Blackaby

“The Journey Begins: Step-by-Step Preparation for Beginning the Writer’s Journey” People often say, “It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish that counts.” The problem is, you can’t finish what you don’t start! So many talented writers never achieved their dream of finishing a book, simply because they never learned how to get started. […]

Giveaway Contest: Week 3!

Category: Critiques

UPDATE: Congratulations to David Friedli, the winner of our Week 3 contest! This week’s contest is open to everyone! Did you know we offer critiques of up to 10 pages of your manuscript? What would you be most interested in learning from a critique? Submit your answer before June 16 by commenting on this post, […]

Avoiding Misdirection: Stay on the “Write” Path; Don’t Gamble with Google (or GoDaddy)

UPDATE: This problem has been fixed!

Confusing headline? Not as confusing as reports that some links to Write2Ignite’s website have taken visitors to a casino website! We’ve checked and rechecked our website and internal links. We’ve since found a few links that connect to the casino website.

We’ve uncovered two possible explanations: either a problem with Google analytics, which is redirecting visitors to what Google believes is the W2I website, or a problem with GoDaddy, the host site for our web domain. Our webmaster and other Team members continue to investigate, with some help from tech-savvy family members.

While we can’t immediately resolve the problem and prevent all misdirection, we’re alerting you, our faithful readers and visitors, to the situation.

Here’s some help in the meantime. Unfortunately, if you type “Write2Ignite” into your browser and click a link that arises in the search results, you’re likely to reach the casino. It’s important to type “” in your browser’s address bar for a search or web address navigation.

Please bear with us as we attempt to stop this misdirection. We appreciate your comments reporting any such errors, so that we can remain aware and alert to communication problems. Like Christian, our protagonist in Pilgrim’s Progress, we want to stay on the right path and help others avoid losing their way as well!

Remember to check out our weekly giveaways! You can win great prizes by commenting on this website or on our social media (the Write2Ignite Conference page on Facebook, the Write2Ignite group on Facebook, and Twitter [@write2ignite]). Check our giveaway posts for guidelines on what we’re looking for.

Sneak Peek: Tessa Emily Hall’s Presentations for W2I 2018

by Tessa Emily Hall

Workshop: “Common Mistakes Newbie Writers Make in Their Manuscripts” You’ve spent years working on your fiction manuscript. Finally, you reach “The End” and send it off to agents. When that first response arrives in your inbox, you anticipate seeing the message “This is the submission I’ve been waiting for!” pop onto your screen. But when […]

Giveaway Contest: Week 2!

Category: Favorite Author and Book

UPDATE: Congratulations to Amy Bradsher, the winner of our Week 2 contest! This week’s contest is open to everyone! Tell us your favorite author and book for a chance to win a free book!   Submit your answer before June 9 by commenting on this post, sending a comment to W2I’s contact email (, or […]