“Faith and Freedom” Writing Contest and Anthology publication

EA Books and Write2Ignite Conference Co-Sponsor Writing Contest

CONTEST ! EA Books Publishing will offer a writing contest and publication opportunity open only to those who register for and attend the September 21-22, 2018 Write2Ignite Conference, according to Author and Founder Cheri Cowell. Participants who attend the conference both Friday and Saturday may submit ONE entry on the theme of “Faith & Freedom” […]

How to Host a Virtual Book Launch Party

by Ava Pennington

Last month I talked about how to plan a physical book launch party. This month, let’s discuss how to host a virtual (online) book launch party using social media. You can plan a virtual party in place of a physical party, especially if finances are tight. Or your virtual launch can be in addition to a […]

Speaker Spotlight: Brenda Covert “Writing Poetry with Rhyme and Meter”

Brenda Covert – “Writing Poetry with Meter and Rhyme”  Using a metered poem by John Bunyan as a model, Brenda will take participants through the basics of meter and rhyme patterns to develop their own poem based on this classic form.

Freelance author and editor Brenda Covert was first published for pay in 1999 with an article in the May/June issue of Today’s Christian Woman and a Thanksgiving poem in Clubhouse Jr. Since 2002, Brenda has written more than 400 short children’s stories for Union Gospel Press’s Sunday school curriculum. Her stories, most of which are written for the 9-11 age group, entertain as well as offer a lesson on living for our Savior. She also published numerous scripts for use in schools, the two most popular being K.C.’s Dream and The Constitutional Convention. Additionally, she has written poetry for the Adult Bible Study published by Union Gospel Press.

Brenda has been editing since 2002, first in the educational field, then in the Christian/family-friendly market. Her editing experience goes from picture books to chapter books—including Johanna’s Journey: Call to Freedom by Cindy Murray Hamblen (a finalist for the 2015 Selah Award)—to YA novels, as well as adult fiction—including The Reliant by Dr. Patrick Johnston (a finalist for the 2017 Grace Awards) and nonfiction, including inspirational books and Bible studies. 

Brenda has two grown children, a new grandchild, two blogs that she promises to devote more attention to, and more cats than an allergic woman should have! (Want one?)

You can find Brenda online at http://brendacovert.blogspot.com. If you’re especially fond of Christmas, you’ll enjoy her blog at http://christmaswithbrenda.blogspot.com. Follow her on Twitter, where she is @radiantsunset7.

Who Needs a Write2Ignite Critique?

By Brenda Covert

If you’re fairly new to the writing business or trying out a different genre, you may wonder if you’re doing it right. Or maybe you have a story that you feel is *almost* working but not quite, and you’re not sure why. What’s a writer needing a professional opinion and guidance to do? Get a […]

A New Take on Avoiding Writer’s Block

Max Elliot Anderson's routines and reasons for keeping inspiration fresh

Today’s guest blogger, author Max Elliot Anderson, writes fictional adventure stories for middle-grade readers. When you read his techniques for keeping writer’s block at bay, you’ll get an inkling of the zaniness, action, and humor essential for keeping his young audience, especially boys, engaged! I have to say that writer’s block, or blank-screen-itis, has never […]

Speaker Spotlight: Carol Baldwin’s “Strangers in a Strange Land”

 What is our calling as Christian writers? Our responsibility? Our privilege? What do we all have in common? How do we honor Christ as writers in the secular publishing world?

There are no easy answers. But together—in Carol Baldwin’s workshop “Strangers in a Strange Land”—we will examine how we are strangers, what this strange land is, what choices are open to us, and ways in which we can integrate our faith into our writing. A worksheet will be provided to stimulate thought and discussion.

Since Carol was a child, she has loved reading and has maintained a journal off and on for more than thirty years. Her book Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4–8 (Maupin House, 2007) reflects these twin passions of reading and writing. As she suggests, “If you want to write, read!” Carol co-publishes the Talking Story newsletter with Joyce Hostetter, and she is a judge for the fiction contests sponsored by the Center for Writing Excellence.

You can learn more about Carol at https://www.facebook.com/authorCarolBaldwin and through her blog at https://carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com.

“Christian Overtakes Faithful”: The Allure of Vanity Fair in Children’s Writing (in the Era of the Selfie)

Part V in W2I Conference 2018 theme exploration of Pilgrim’s Progress by Deborah DeCiantis

      Shortly before they enter Vanity Fair, Evangelist meets the pilgrims to give them a prophetic message about the dangers they will face there. Bunyan’s narrator follows this warning with the reminder that Christian and Faithful cannot avoid this test of faith, for “their way to the [Celestial] city lay through this town”; leaving “the […]