Write2Ignite! – Better than Chocolate

Listen! Do you hear those sleigh bells jingling yet? Most of us who live in the Southeast don’t even know what real sleigh bells actually sound like, do we? But this time of year it’s fun to imagine them jingling across hills dressed in moon-kissed snow.

It’s December again and we’re already knee deep into the Christmas spirit here at Write2Ignite! We’re trying to lay low and enjoy the festivities, our friends and our families. We’re also trying to check everything off our “lists” for Christmas. Somewhere near the top of those lists is buying gifts that will be cherished by those we love.

Have you considered letting your wives or husbands, your children or grandchildren, parents or siblings know that you have Write2Ignite! 2013 on the top of your Christmas 2012 wish list? We think our 2013 Registration Fee comes close to being the perfect gift for us writing-types.

Just think:

  • One size fits all

  • It’s calorie free, fat free, carb free – guilt free!

  • It will keep Christmas alive in your heart all the way through March 16, 2013

  • It will bring you, and the readers you impact, joy for a long time to come

  • It will grow into multiple gifts as you learn new skills and meet new people at the Conference

  • It’s better than a sweater, a tie, cologne or even chocolate. (Wait a minute—is ANYTHING really better than chocolate?)

Give it a try! Give someone dear a BIG, FAT, OBVIOUS  hint this year. They just might figure it out in time to make your Christmas especially merry and bright!

On a more serious note: We, at Write2Ignite! pray that you will have a safe, sane and beautiful Christmas season with the people you love. We pray you’ll spend time worshipping our Savior who offers each of us the greatest gift of all time, for all people – Salvation through Jesus Christ, God made flesh and delivered to us one lonely night in a humble stable.

We wish you all a truly Merry Christmas, 2012.

  1. Merry Christmas to all our Write2Ignite friends!
    Loved your post, Jean. How about a gift certificate to the Write2Ignite Conference AND have it wrapped around a big chocolate candy bar? :)
    Have a blessed and joyful Christmas.

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