Blogging Tips for Authors

W2I blogDo you blog? Have you considered blogging but were reluctant to step out in faith and give it a try? I have been blogging for several years now, yet I still struggle to write posts. I have put off writing this very post for several weeks. But it really isn’t necessary to agonize over writing blog posts.

One advantage to writing blog posts is that they can be brief. Write what you want to say and move on. Bite-sized posts can be read quickly, and if readers learn something of value they will be inclined to return. I believe that is what has intimidated me over writing this post. I don’t know all there is to know about blogging, and I worry about what I can’t say.

But that is the nature of a blog. The word is a short form of two words, web log. It is a collection of posts on various topics, not an extensive dissertation.

Whew! Now that I have that behind me, I would like to share a few tips I have learned about blogging, though I don’t claim to have mastered them all.

  • Keep it short. The optimum sized post for most blogs is about 400 words. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, as some topics such as personal interviews may require longer posts.

  • Make it count for your reader. Offer value to the person who will read it so they will want to return.

  • Make it count for you. If you are blogging to promote your writing, don’t fail to include a brief comment and/or link to your books.

  • Include a relevant image that will get picked up with the article if it gets posted to Facebook, Pinterest, or other networking sites. Pictures attract readers.

  • Increase your chances of getting hits through Google and other search engines by using tags and categories for every article. Try to think of words your readers might use to search for the kind of information you wrote in your article when you add tags.

  • Visit like-minded blogs and leave thoughtful comments. Include a modest link to your own blog. ¬†Respond to comments others make to your blog posts. This kind of networking is valuable to you for meeting people. It also raises your blog in Google rankings.

  • I’ve read articles with differing conclusions about how often you should post to your blog. Many say to post at least once a week or even more often. But I recently read a post with a more relaxed conclusion. You don’t want to burn out, and blogging mustn’t deprive you of the time you need to write for profit. Keep the value added concept in mind when you post. If you are not offering something of value when you post, you may be posting too often.

If you have never tried blogging, you might want to try a simple blog through WordPress or Blogger. You can blog for free at either of these sites and upgrade later if you so choose. Happy blogging!

  1. Jean says:

    Thanks, Janice –

    Blogging is sort of “selective journaling” for me. Post entries only if they will benefit the readers – not just myself.


  2. Vijaya says:

    Great tips, Janice. Sometimes I feel I’m talking to myself, which is okay too :)

  3. Jean Hall says:

    Yep – blogging can be great fun and a great way to practice our writing skills, or to give away our advice or information completely free to our readers.

    Thanks for these tips, Janice.

    Hey – you are OUR blogging expert here at Write2Ignite! and we love you.



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