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Write2Ignite! is so excited to have Tony Snipes join us as a presenter for the teens this year. Trained in graphic design, illustration, and web design, Tony is using his creative talents to glorify God and helps others do the same.

Did you study art in school, or are you self-taught?

tony snipes headshotI had been drawing and painting since I can remember. I would even get in trouble in middle school for drawing pictures on my desk rather than on paper! But I did study Graphic Design and Illustration in college.


You do a lot of work digitally. Is that your favorite medium? What other mediums do you like to use?

Traditionally, my preferred medium is graphite pencil, as well as painting with acrylics. These last few years I’ve combined my traditional skill with my love for technology: I usually start a sketch by hand the old fashioned way, then scan it into Photo Shop to take the image to new levels.

Do you have a favorite subject matter? A favorite place to be creative?

I’m a HUGE Sci-Fi fan, so I love doing work where that part of my imagination runs wild! I also love comics as well, so work that has that graphic novel appeal is also a favorite. As far as my favorite place, it has to be my home office (which I affectionately refer to as “The Command Center”).

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you ever go through seasons where you don’t feel inspired to create? What do you do then?

In my book, The Artist and Designer’s Book of Tips, I list a few places where I find inspiration: In addition to praying for the vision, watching a movie, looking at the art of others, or even browsing a magazine always get me going.

And, yes, I sometimes get a dry spell (mostly when I’m physically tired). When that happens, I turn to the things I mentioned to you. They work!

Your website, Art Lessons from God, is designed to help creative people find their purpose. If you were to sum up your purpose, what would it be?

I would restate what you just said: MY purpose is also to help creative people discover their purpose. I know this because I get excited and have a passion for helping people (especially creative ones.)

I also know this when I think about what I hate (strong word, but hear me out). I hate seeing people living below what God has always had in store for them, especially when it involves their God-given talent.

How did you find your purpose?

1. By first looking within at my skills and talents, and things that I would actually do for free because I LOVE doing them.

2. Then by looking externally and allowing God to show me where the need is and how my gifts and talent can help.

What advice would you give to young people just starting out  on their creative journey?

First be prayerful, asking God to guide and direct your steps, then take a look at ALL your creative talents and focus on those that you really enjoy.

Last, be on the lookout for open doors; doors of opportunity, and especially for needs that you could creatively solve.

  1. Samantha, good job with the interview! I look forward to meeting Tony.
    I like his last comment about looking for needs my creativity may solve. It reminds me of tithing with talent.

  2. Kathy Rupff says:

    GREAT INTERVIEW! I look forward to meeting Tony!

  3. Jean says:

    Wow! I wish I could attend the Teen Track this year. I’m afraid my gray hair would give me away, though!



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