Preparing for Write2Ignite! 2013

Write2Ignite!Whenever I’m attending a writer’s conference I like to equip myself. I read the website three or four times. I scan the presenters and choose those I absolutely MUST hear. I search for their books on Amazon or B & N and scan the previews and reviews. I read the workshop blurbs and try to create the best schedule for myself.

Then I visit the websites of the publishers and literary agencies represented at the conference. I read their lists and writer’s guidelines and ponder whether or not any of my manuscripts might possibly fit them.


I email my writing friends to see whether or not they are attending – then try to snag a roommate or two from those friends.

Of course I try to polish up a couple of manuscripts and print out fresh copies. I organize my briefcase and make sure I have a stack of business cards. I charge up the batteries for my cell phone, my camera and my trusty laptop. Got to stay connected.

But first and last I pray. I pray that God will teach me one new thing that I really need to learn to improve as a writer, and to make my manuscripts ready for submitting. I pray that I’ll make a new connection that He knows will be important to me as a writer, and to me as a person. I pray that God will orchestrate the right meetings and conversations for my good, and so that He can use me to help or encourage others while I’m there. And I pray that He’ll give me some quiet moments so that He can speak to me about …whatever He knows I need at that time.

  • Instruction in the craft of writing and publishing.

  • Encouragement for myself and others.

  • Inspiration to keep me in tune with the calling God has on my life.

  • Connections to point me in the right direction to accomplish God’s plans for me.

How do YOU prepare to attend a writer’s conference? How are you preparing for Write2Ignite! 2013?


We’re preparing to make this one of the best experiences of your life, and we’re praying especially for you.

  1. Kristi says:

    Yay!! So excited that we’re getting closer!!

    Along with Jean and Sally, I’m praying for the presenters, Cecil Murphey, our praise team, and the attendees! God is going to do amazing things among us!!

    Oh, always bring a sweater or jacket. You never know when you might sit right under the vent. :)

  2. I pray as well as asking the Lord what is it that you want me to see that this particular conference. As a writer, you have to be willing to learn more about your craft. Coming into writing later in life, I feel a little slow at getting all that is required but God continues to be faithful to encourage and guide the process.

    • Jean says:

      Mary Jane,

      I “came into writing later in life,” too. I believe it’s all of those experiences BEFORE I started writing for publication that enable me to write with a genuine voice, a sympathetic voice and a ring of truth to the words I pen.

      Thank you, Lord, that (even for writers) nothing the Lord allows in my life is ever wasted.


  3. Jean says:

    Oooo, Sally. Great ideas. Thanks.

    I make sure I’m taking comfortable shoes, too. Aching feet can spoil the whole event for me.


  4. I love your post, Jean. I like to prepare with prayer, too!
    Also, two things I pack that may be helpful for others to consider–an extension cord and a small fan. The extension cord comes in handy when several are sharing a room. The fan is nice for air circulation and the noise drowns out any dear friend’s snoring. :)

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