A writer’s Christmas wondering…

Will you be writing today?

After the gifts have been packed away and the dishes wiped. Once the kids are in bed and the floor mopped?

Will you pull out your notebook on the way to bed and record the wonder and mercy of Christmas?

And what will your pen linger over? Relationships, family, the sparkle in your grandson’s eyes? Or the moment when you caught the still, private moment of sadness in a loved one’s face before it was tucked behind another smile?

Will you record the sights? The smells of turkey, or pudding or (if you were at my place) a fresh fried hot breakfast? Or the laughter? The corny jokes found inside the crackers, the cornier ones quotes to out do the first?

Or will you be struck with wonder at the feature of the nativity? The one your niece bumped into on her way to another bowl of desert? The magnificence of the incarnation so inadequately represented by the ornaments and decorations? And will you allow your notebook to steal a moment of worship at the end of this busy but blessed day – to force you by very act of writing, to pause and remember the cost of this most precious gift?

From my desk to yours, I wish you a wonderful Christmas. And may you always have (whether it’s today or at another time and place) just the right amount of blank paper to jot down whatever precious, Christmas wonderings that come your way.


Penny ReevePenny Reeve is the Australian author of more than 15 books for children. She writes picture books, junior novels and non-fiction and loves to explore themes that help children respond through faith to the world around them.  You can find more information about Penny, or her books, at her website or by liking her facebook page.

  1. Lovely piece, Penny. I’m sorry to say I managed only a journal entry on the day and struggling to get back to it in the days since!!

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