Getting Ready

by Jean Matthew Hall

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We’re getting ready for Write2Ignite! 2015. Are you? Have  you registered yet? Don’t forget that early registration discount.

When I’m investing in a conference I try to prepare with the following to-dos:

  • Pray that I’ll meet the right people to encourage, instruct and inspire me.

  • Pray that God will use me to encourage, instruct, and inspire others.

  • Read the conference brochure or online information. Try to pre-select my workshops and/or continuing classes.

  • Take a light weight tote bag with plenty of pens, pencils, paper clips, a writing tablet, highlighters and my trusty camera/phone. (You might prefer your tablet.) Try to get one I can sling over my shoulder or carry on my back so my hands are free for meeting all those new friends.

  • Order business cards with my contact information, Keep them handy so I don’t have to dig for them, and pass them out liberally.

  • Take an envelope with me for collecting business cards from anyone who’ll give me one. (When I get home I can add them to my email address book.)

  • Visit the websites of all the presenters and speakers. Read books written by (edited by or agented by) the presenters of workshops I plan to attend.head 03

  • Pack loose fitting, comfortable (casual but professional) clothes. Wear comfortable shoes – A MUST!

  • Create a professional one-sheet for each of my manuscripts that is pretty close to finished. Take a few copies for meeting with editors/agents.

  • Create a single sheet that has the pitches for all of my “ready” manuscripts on it. Take a few copies for meeting with editors/agents.

  • Memorize my pitches–this is so difficult for me, but it’s important.

  • Pack my Bible for personal inspiration.

  • Pray some more.

  • head AnnTake a little money to buy one new “writing” book.

  • Plan to make new friends. Not contacts – friends. Not networks –  friends.

  • Plan to listen hard, sleep hard, and laugh hard.

  • Keep some healthy snacks in my tote bag. Sugar does NOT help me concentrate. Plan to drink lots of water. (Our brains are 78% water – who knew?)*

  • Some people take notes on their laptops, tablets, ad infinitum… I prefer jotting them in my crazy short hand on the outlines, etc. distributed in each workshop, then transcribing them into computer files later.

  • Pray for God to use this event to shape me into the writer He wants me to become.

What do YOU do to prepare for conferences? Can you add something to my list? Please do – right here in the comment section below.

And will you help us spread the word about Write2Ignite by sharing this post? Thanks.


See you March 27-28!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Jean Hall writes encouraging stories for children and the adults who love them. She also encourages other writers by directing the Write2Ignite! Conferences.[/author_info] [/author]

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One thought on “Getting Ready

  1. Great tips. I prefer my crazy short hand for note taking as well. Praying before, during, and after all my events is a must. I’m a scatterbrain without the help of the Holy Spirit. (and still I can imagine him shaking his head saying “Okay, here’s a little help my daughter.”)