ArtSlam Live!

Six artists with one hour (or less!) to paint a picture that’s three feet square in size. What else could it be but ArtSlam Live?

For the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of participating in ArtSlam Live, a timed art competition created by artist/writer/creative coach Tony Snipes. And while there is a winner each time chosen by those who are watching, ArtSlam Live is so much more than a contest.

artslam-3For the viewers, ArtSlam is a way to meet different artists and learn about their techniques. In the contests I’ve participated in, each artist had a different art background and style to their work. I’ve taught a lot of beginning art classes, and I usually paint nature scenes or wildlife. Another artist drew caricatures at a theme park for several years; his work is bright, crazy, and fun. Another artist just started painting a few years ago and has already sold many of her pieces in galleries and online.

For the artists, ArtSlam is a way for them to challenge themselves to do something outside of their comfort zone. For me, it was way outside of my comfort zone. I was so nervous that first time – worried that my art wouldn’t quite measure up with that of my competitors. But with each contest, my confidence grows. ArtSlam is also an great time for artists to connect with the public and promote their work. And that’s what Tony is all about – providing opportunities and direction for creative people as they strive to discover their true purpose.

I am so excitedartslam-1 that Tony will be teaching at Write2Ignite this year. If you can’t wait until then to hear from him, be sure to check out his website.  You’ll find his book, God’s 7 Keys for Creative People, as well as lots of  free resources.


By Samantha Bell

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