Money’s Tight – Can I Afford the Conference?

Nine ways to pay for Write2Ignite 2018

Hi, Friends! It’s Cathy Biggerstaff, Financial Director for the 2018 Write2Ignite Conference. Numbers and dollar signs dance in my head. In today’s economy I am always looking for ways to generate funds, but not just for us. This month I am concentrating on your side of the equation, so here are nine ways you can pay your way to the 2018 conference:

1) Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super Sale – save $30 off regular “Early” registration by registering by November 27. See our website for details.

2) Your Christmas Wish List – Let your family know that you’d like to attend the conference and allow them a part in making your dream come true.

3) Use your Talents – A friend wanted to attend a week-long conference with a $600 registration tag, not including housing and food. She heard of a temporary job cleaning a house. She took the job and saved enough to go. Which of your talents could you use to earn all or part of the registration fee for Write2Ignite?

4) Sponsorship – Get excited and share your vision/mission with others. They’ll want to buy into and support your dream. Give your church family an opportunity to help with this.

5) Share a Room – Invite a writing friend to come along for the fun and cut your housing cost in half.

6) Start a Crowd Funding Page – A couple of these cater to Christians in mission.

7) Apply for a Scholarship – Most years, both partial and full scholarships are available. Let us know of your interest when you register and we’ll send you the forms and instructions.

8) Skip a Meal – If you refrain from eating out twice a month from January through September and put $10.00 aside each time, you’ll have enough to pay for your registration and housing (Friday supper and Saturday lunch are included in your registration fee), and you’ll even have some left over for a visit to the Bookstore.*

Track your progress toward conference saving

9) Save your Change – Empty your pockets into a jar labeled “Write2Ignite or Bust” every day for the next 43 weeks. Saving just $5.00 each week between now and the conference will get you over your goal.*

Now, go grab your pen and paper and exercise those creative muscles. Pray, put your plan into action, and we’ll see you September 21, 2018.

P.S. You might want to design or download a savings thermometer to stay on track.

*Projections based on the Early Bird Rate of $125.00 (adults) and double occupancy using last year’s hotel rates.

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