Who Needs a Write2Ignite Critique?

by Brenda Covert

If you’re fairly new to the writing business or trying out a different genre, you may wonder whether you’re doing it right. Or maybe you have a story that you feel is almost—but not quite—working, and you’re not sure why. What’s a writer needing a professional opinion and guidance to do? Get a professional critique, of course!

We at Write2Ignite offer you two options, depending on the time of year:

  • Two-for-One Critiques are available from October 1 to May 31. The fee of $45 gets 2 stories critiqued by a professional member of our faculty (see page limits at the bottom of this page).
  • Our Conference Critiques are available from June 1 to August 25. These are only for registered conferees and include a face-to-face 15-minute meeting at the Write2Ignite Conference with a pro you chose to critique your work (see page limits at the bottom of this page). The fee is $35 per manuscript.

The critique will give you a thorough review of the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, offer suggestions for improvement, and help you identify potential markets.

Manuscript Submission Procedure

Submit a manuscript for critique in any of the categories listed at the end of this post. Email your manuscript to our critique facilitator, Brenda Covert, at bbcovert123@gmail.com, and place W2I CRITIQUE ENTRY in the subject line. You will receive a written one-page critique or comments written on your pages. Include in the email text your name, email address, title, and category. You may submit as many manuscripts as you wish, as long as you pay the fee for each one.

We are currently compiling the names and details of presenters who are available for Conference Critiques. Those will be posted on our website before June 1 for you to choose from. You may choose several names so that, in the event your first choice has already reached their critique limit, we can pass your submission to the next name on your list.

Critique Fee

Currently, we ask that you mail a check payable to the one chosen to review your work to the address that will be given to you after you have emailed your material to Brenda Covert. Stay tuned, as we may have an online payment option up and running soon!

Manuscript Format

Type all manuscripts in double-spaced, 12-pt. font, standard manuscript format. Include your name, the title of your piece, and the page number on each of your manuscript’s pages. (See page limit below.)

Please bring a copy of your material to the conference!

Type of Manuscript

  • Young adult novel—Submit book proposals for teens/young adults: cover letter to editor, chapter outline/synopsis, and the first pages of the manuscript, up to 10 pages total
  • Middle-grade novel—Book proposals for children: cover letter to editor, chapter outline/synopsis, and the first pages of the manuscript, up to 10 pages total
  • Nonfiction book—Book proposals for children: cover letter to editor, chapter outline/synopsis, and the first pages of the manuscript up to 10 pages total
  • Picture book—Complete manuscript up to 1,000 words
  • Early reader/chapter book—First chapters up to 10 pages
  • Nonfiction article—1,200 word limit
  • Short story—1,200 word limit
  • Poetry—Five poems equal one critique, 40-line limit for each poem
  • Devotional—500-word limit each, up to four devotionals per paid critique
  • Curriculum—A table of contents and 2–5 chapters; up to 10 pages
  • Activity book/pages—Up to 10 pages



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  1. Thank you for this oportunity to have a critique at any time needed! I blessing I have longed for of you!