First Pages

We are looking for a few brave souls to experience the excitement, joy and terror of having an editor or agent give an honest opinion on the “First Page” of their manuscripts.

IMGP7305Did I mention that the reading and reactions of these “First Pages” takes place in front of everyone attending Write2Ignite! 2014?

At Write2Ignite! 2014 a panel of  guest editors and agents  will give ALL of us (as a group) some honest, constructive feedback on however many “First Pages” they can handle during the allotted time.

Getting their honest, professional opinions is both terrifying and thrilling. It is amazing how listening to their suggestions on a handful of pages helps all of us learn things about our own manuscripts.

But, this year Write2Ignite! has added a bit of a twist.

The “First Pages” of board books, concept books, picture books, early chapter books, easy readers and children’s magazine manuscripts will get first reactions from our professional editors and agents.

Team 1However, the “First Pages” of middle-grade and young adult manuscripts will get the not-yet-professional (but estute) reactions our  of Teen Track Team Leaders. All are avid readers and aspiring writers of various genre, and just a little bit goofy. All three are chomping at the bits to let us know whether or not those “First Pages” would grab their interest and urge them to keep reading.

As time permits those manuscripts will also get reactions from the panel of professionals.


Would you like to participate? To hear the reactions to YOUR “First Page?” Here is all you have to do.

Choose one (and only one) of your manuscripts. Reformat the first page by removing all identifying information. Put the title on the first line in italics, left justified.  Near the right hand margin type the genre (see choices above) of the manuscript.

Skip three lines, and then begin the text. Save it as a separate document, then send it to Jean at as an attachment to your email.


We must receive your “First Page” by Monday, March 24, 2014, Midnight EST.


That’s it! Easy, right? Come on, you can do it.

It’s all in the spirit of learning from each other. That’s one of the things children’s writers do best. We share knowledge with each other, and we hunger to learn from each other.

Honest but respectful and courteous feedback – that’s what you’ll get from Write2Ignite!’s  First Pages session.

Now, find a manuscript that needs a little help, take a deep breath and hit SEND.


Jean & the Team

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