Is Writing the Impossible Mission?

Have you noticed how it seems everywhere you look today you are reminded of how few days remain to 2014? As one year begins to end and our hearts start to turn toward setting new goals for 2015, we ponder and list and dream. Mixed in with the dreams, however, are less appealing realities. Changing […]


How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection stings, right? None of us likes to hear no from the agent or publisher we’d hoped would want our work. But “into every life, a little rain must fall”–and into every writer’s life, a little rejection (maybe a lot!). So when that happens, how do we respond? Recently an author on Facebook posted that […]


Are You a Christian Writer?

How is a Christian writer different from other writers? A Christian plumber different from other plumbers? A Christian salesperson different from other salespeople? Are you a Christian writer, a writer who writes for the Christian market, a Christian who writes for the Christian market, or a Christian who writes for the secular market? Think about […]


Changing Seasons

One of the things I love about living in North Carolina is that we have a temperate climate, but we still get to enjoy the changing seasons. I think fall is my favorite season because its changes are dramatic. When the trees are fully robed in their autumn glory the beauty is overwhelming to me. […]


Summer Writing Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Derick Wilder, the winner of the First Annual Write2Ignite Summer Writing Contest. Cathy: Your entry in the contest was called, “YAWWWNNNN!”and you described it as a contagious bedtime reader that finds a dog-tired girl, along with her girl-tired dog, trying to get some sleep on a sticky summer night.  But the crickets, frogs, […]


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