How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection stings, right? None of us likes to hear no from the agent or publisher we’d hoped would want our work. But “into every life, a little rain must fall”–and into every writer’s life, a little rejection (maybe a lot!). So when that happens, how do we respond? Recently an author on Facebook posted that […]


Are You a Christian Writer?

How is a Christian writer different from other writers? A Christian plumber different from other plumbers? A Christian salesperson different from other salespeople? Are you a Christian writer, a writer who writes for the Christian market, a Christian who writes for the Christian market, or a Christian who writes for the secular market? Think about […]


Changing Seasons

One of the things I love about living in North Carolina is that we have a temperate climate, but we still get to enjoy the changing seasons. I think fall is my favorite season because its changes are dramatic. When the trees are fully robed in their autumn glory the beauty is overwhelming to me. […]


Summer Writing Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Derick Wilder, the winner of the First Annual Write2Ignite Summer Writing Contest. Cathy: Your entry in the contest was called, “YAWWWNNNN!”and you described it as a contagious bedtime reader that finds a dog-tired girl, along with her girl-tired dog, trying to get some sleep on a sticky summer night.  But the crickets, frogs, […]


Be Positive about Your Writing Goals

  Once October starts, I begin thinking about the goals I set in January. For years, I beat myself up over the goals I didn’t reach; the to-do items that remained undone. That changed in 2009 when I charged my online writing group with discussing their goals only in a positive light. No matter what […]


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