Premise and Universal Theme – Part 2

By Jean Matthew Hall Regardless of the changes in technology, lifestyles, political or religious trends some stories remain children’s favorites year after year. What makes those stories last from generation to generation? I’m by no means an expert, but I do have my opinion. I think the most powerful element in making a story dear […]



CONGRATULATIONS Derick Wilder of Fort Mill, SC  for His winning story, YAWWWNNNN! a contagious bedtime reader that finds a dog-tired girl, along with her girl-tired dog, trying to get some sleep on a sticky summer night.  But the crickets, frogs, and even the fireflies simply are not cooperating! Derick is the winner of the First […]


When No One Seems to Notice

Writing can sometimes be discouraging work. It may become even more discouraging when we’ve poured ourselves into our calling and no one seems to notice our efforts. Or maybe we’ve worked and worked . . . and someone else gets the break we’ve been waiting for. As Christian writers, we serve to glorify the Lord. […]


Write2Ignite! 2015

We’re just a little bit excited to announce Write2Ignite! 2015 – When?     March 27-28, 2015. Where?   North Greenville University near Greenville, SC. Check back with us for details as they unfold. See ya’ll next March!


Premise and Universal Theme Part 1

By Jean Matthew Hall Years ago I sent a picture book manuscript to a big publishing house in New York. The editor liked it. She sent me a personal hand-written note (I almost framed it) that said so. She said the story was cute and funny. But, she also said she couldn’t publish it because […]


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