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Being Thankful for the Gift Words

As Jean mentioned yesterday, giving thanks is talked about a lot around this time of year. My mind has certainly been more focused on the many blessings I’ve received from God, family, and friends. In adding to Jean’s list of the many things she quickly thought of to be thankful for, I want to add […]


Give Thanks

Psalms 107:1  “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever. At this time of year most of us feel and show a little more gratitude than usual. It’s all that talk of great food, family dinners, Pilgrims and — let’s face it — football! But, as Christians we know we should […]


Why Do You Do What You Do?

People often ask me why I write. I keep hearing that this is the worst possible time to enter the world of publishing. Book sales are at an all-time low, despite the fact that by some estimates, more than two million books are published annually worldwide. I also keep hearing that if you write because […]


Do You Ever Feel Like a Comma?

The following story is fictitious. At least most of it is… I closed the lid to my laptop, putting it to sleep for the night. Sleep is what I needed, too, but I doubted I would get much. I pushed my chair away from the desk at the head of my bed, turned off the […]


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