Online Connections for Christian Children’s Authors

Joining Facebook Groups

An aspiring author is sometimes in a quandary about what to do next. Perhaps, the would-be author sits at her computer and wonders what to do with her writing time that day. Several months ago, I posted a list of jump start ideas, Be an Author – Do One Thing. Let’s add to that list […]

Eight Lessons I’ve Learned About Writing

School has been in session in the United States for more than a month. This means that all across the country, children are facing the same question that has been asked for generations: What did you learn today? To my mother’s utter frustration, I’d often answer her question with a blank stare and a mumbled, […]

Making Sense of Publishing Options – What’s Your Measure of Success?

Cheri Cowell webinar helps participants understand pros and cons

Author and publisher Cheri Cowell presented the first webinar sponsored by Write2Ignite! Wednesday, September 21. Cowell, owner of EABooks Publishing, shared her own journey as a writer who started out and, after several years of submitting numerous manuscripts or queries to traditional publishers, eventually succeeded in publishing a book, followed by two others. After the […]


Do You Write in a Bubble?

Are you familiar with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) syndrome? It’s a genetic illness that strips people of their immune system. They are vulnerable to infectious diseases that are not a problem for most of the general population. As a result, those who suffer from SCID must live in a bubble – a sterile environment with […]