Small Tricks for Overcoming the Scary Blank Page

When I signed up to post here today, I thought a big writing project would be well behind me. Instead, after having to set it aside twice to tackle other tasks–writing copy for my new website (coming soon!) and editing a women’s Bible study–I’m way behind. The pressure’s on, and it’s difficult–almost impossible, really–to think […]


Introducing Stephanie Nelson

We welcome aboard Stephanie Nelson as the Write2Ignite! Teen Track Coordinator for the 2015 Conference. Below Stephanie shares her heart for teens.  Working with young people inspires me. They are asked, during a season that is physiologically fraught with hormones and emotionally mined with insecurity, to make some major life choices: “What do you want to […]


Seasons of a Writer’s Life

We move through seasons of life as we parent babies and teenagers, experience empty nests and become caregivers for our own parents. Writing adds another layer to already full lives. So let’s talk about seasons in a writer’s life. Season 1: I Want to be a Writer You might have been in third grade or […]


15 Tips for Writing Believable Kids’ Dialogue

Writing believable kids’ dialogue isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, we’re adults trying to remember exactly what it was like to be a child of a particular age.  So here are some tips to keep in mind as you write realistic dialogue for children.  Eavesdrop. Listen to how kids talk and think. What […]


Find a Niche in Self-Publishing: Interview with Author Jan May

by Sally Matheny Is the traditional publishing route taking longer than you expected? Perhaps it’s time to find a niche in self  publishing. That’s what author, Jan May did. Jan is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has a background in Biblical Studies and  Christian Education from North Central University in Minnesota. A veteran […]


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