Write Exciting Things for Kids

Some of you know that I am a teacher as well as an author. I learn from my students and fellow teachers every single day, even  – and sometimes especially – those who are brand new to the profession. What does teaching have in common with writing? So. Many. Things. I was sitting with a […]

Resources for Writing for Children

It is just a few more days until 2016. The New Year always brings a list of resolutions and goals. If you are reading this, writing for children or teens is likely on your list. How do children’s writers know that they are successfully penning words that will resonate with young readers? Certainly they must […]

Gratitude for the Memories

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It is a traditionally a time to gather with family and friends, a time to thank God for His provision. But at Thanksgiving, we sometimes get a little too focused on preparing and enjoying the feast. How does God’s provision look? For many readers, God’s provision looks like the Christian parents who […]

Inspired by God’s Creation

Driving along the great Mississippi River to see the fall leaves has always been a tradition Miloin our family. Visiting the zoo and being amazed at the animals, often tickled by their behaviors… another tradition. Of course, like everyone else, walking along sandy beaches collecting shells is also high on our vacation list. When we […]


by Jean Matthew Hall Never said I was fast, now did I? I’m finally getting around to posting my photos of Art Slam Live last weekend. Outside it was hurricane-like weather. But inside we were jamming with competition between terrific SC artists, great live music, displays by photographers, artists, jewelry designers, free professional portraits and Write2Ignite! Cathy […]

Different Routes, Same Destination

I’ve been thinking about routes. One of the most helpful tools I have is a GPS. Helpful, because if there’s a way to get lost, I’ll find it. So I’m dependent on that quiet but firm voice that says, “In fifty yards, turn right.” When I program my GPS for a long trip, it often […]

Could Your Writing Save a Life?

Angry men bent on death. She broke the law, and she must die. The scene has been repeated in Pakistan, Indonesia, and the eighth chapter of John. What Jesus wrote and said in John 8 saved a woman’s life. Could he use our writing to do the same? In countries around the world, Christians break […]