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9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Can you please tell me when and where the conference is. Thank you! Also, would my ten sin be able to attend the workshops? Much appreciated!

  2. I’m trying to register my daughter, Mariahney Stuart but it won’t let me. It says I haven’t filled out all the required fields . I checked off “High School Student” but it didn’t accept it.

  3. Hi…I was so excited to find you on the internet as I searched for a Christian children’s book writer’s conference /workshop! Now; sadly, I see that you will not have it this year.

    I noticed that you have a blog as well….and will try to get connected to it. Will you have webinars ever?

    I have written and ilustrated several children’s books and have used them as a pre K and Kindergarten teacher and ages beyond as well.

    It is so hard to find what I see you offer.

    Blessings and Shalom