Say, “Cheese,” Please

For years I kept trying to get a great candid shot of myself to use for all that (Ugh!) marketing we writers do. Nothing seemed to be just what I wanted.   They weren’t exactly ugly. They just weren’t the best me I wanted to see.   I hired a local photographer to take a […]

Interviews with Editors and Agents

You’re headed for Write2Ignite! 2015 and you want to be prepared. You want to meet with some editors and agents for sure. And you want to wow them with your ideas. And that is exactly the reason those folks are at Write2Ignite! 2015. They really want to hear about your work, listen to your ideas […]

Getting Ready

by Jean Matthew Hall We’re getting ready for Write2Ignite! 2015. Are you? Have  you registered yet? Don’t forget that early registration discount. When I’m investing in a conference I try to prepare with the following to-dos: Pray that I’ll meet the right people to encourage, instruct and inspire me. Pray that God will use me to encourage, […]

The Power of Art

by Jean Matthew Hall Jean Matthew Hall writes encouraging stories for children and the adults who love them. She also seeks to encourage other writers by directing the Write2Ignite! Conferences. About thirty minutes from my home is NarroWay Productions, home of “world-class, Christian entertainment.” And it really is. It’s professional and personable. It’s clean and Christ-honoring. […]