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Jenny Cote Answers Questions During Lunch

The Write2Ignite! Conference for Christian Writers of Literature for Children and Young Adults is designed specifically for those who write for Children’s and Young Adult markets from a Christian perspective. Whether God is leading you to be published in the general market or Christian market, by major or small publishing houses, or to pursue an array of other publishing options, Write2Ignite! is here to help you.

Our goal is to follow God as He creates an organization that provides conferences, workshops, webinars, support groups, and other services to Christians who create, publish, represent or sell literature for children and youth.

At Write2Ignite!, we want to provide Christians who write for children and youth (and adults) with these resources:

  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Encouragement
  • Assistance in networking with each other, and with those who can help you get your works into the hands of children, parents, teachers and caregivers.


When you attend a Write2Ignite! conference, we hope you leave with three things:

  • The knowledge that you heard from God about something specific in your writing and/or personal life
  • New or improved skills in writing, illustrating, marketing and/or publishing
  • New or strengthened connections with other writers, illustrators, teachers, librarians, agents, editors, publishers, reviewers, and/or book sellers

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