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Workshop Descriptions for 2015 Write2Ignite! Conference


Tim Shoemaker – Our Keynote Speaker

The Ride of Your Life

This session is a personal testimony about Tim’s writing journey in this roller coaster of life. It will inspire and motivate participants regardless of the genre and audience they write for. Key points include:

  • God is in control… he has a plan.

  • You can trust Him… his plans are good.

  • There are things we must do… the plan won’t just happen.

  • We have an enemy bent on one thing… sabotaging God’s plan.

  • When we mess up… God’s plans aren’t over.

Reaching Boys with Your Writing

In this session Tim shares things that are needed (but not always considered) in writing for boys.  Naturally, the information works when writing for girls, too.  Tim shares principals that will strengthen any fiction writing, regardless of the audience. He’ll also share those special things we need to remember if we want boys to read our books.  Things like:

  • 10 things you must have when writing for boys

  • 10 things to avoid when writing for boys

Creating a Scene

A story is just a series of scenes with transitions between them.  And a story can consist of an endless number of scenes.  So we must pick and choose the most powerful scenes to write… and write them in the most effective way. In this session Tim shares with us:

    • How to pick which scenes to include.

    • Three essential elements for powerful scenes.

    • Three essential elements to transition from scene to scene.


Pesky Point of View Problems 

Point of View inconsistencies raise editors’ eyebrows and confuse readers. In this workshop Tim helps participants identify and fix these common problems. More than that, Tim shares how to use POV as a tool to strengthen their writing. Join us; you’ll leave this workshop with a whole new way of looking at POV.



Jenny L. Cote

Give Me Liberty AND Give Me Deadlines (Adult Session)

As Oswald Chambers writes, “Allow God to have complete liberty in your life when you speak. Before God’s message can liberate other people, His liberation must first be real in you. Gather your material carefully, and then allow God to “set your words on fire” for His glory.” Jenny uses a patriotic theme and her favorite founding father and current book on process character, Patrick Henry, to set the stage for exploring the life of writing and deadlines, all for God’s glory. She shares her writing journey and how she became a published author, along with how she markets her books to make them best sellers. Going beyond books, Jenny shares how she is expanding her brand to develop school curriculum, VBS curriculum, an animated TV/DVD series and movies. This workshop will encourage and inspire writers from beginners to pros.

CREATE (Teen Session)

Opening with the popular “Black Coat Story,” Jenny humorously illustrates a really lame story, followed by a really colorful story. She explains how creative writing is like painting a picture in your mind and writing what you see. Animating animal figurines, Jenny brings colorful characters to life, and describes the importance and, yes, FUN of doing research! Learn how to weave in surprises, action, tension and end well.

WRITE (Teen Session)

Peanuts’ Linus opens the workshop with his video monologue about the Christmas story. Although this workshop’s theme centers on Christmas, it is applicable for any writing season. Many “wow moments” come from understanding the meaning of words and the impact they have on stories. Learn how incredible secrets are revealed from solid research, setting the state for imaginative writing to soar. Unpack two sharp tools that Jenny uses for organizing the writing process.

Cheri Cowell

Why You Need an E-book/Audiobook: Taking Advantage of this New Trend

Find out how to take advantage of this trend that is ever-changing. Is your book a good choice for e-conversion? Learn what you should know about doing it yourself or hiring someone. Learn how material you have in files now could be ministering to a new audience as an e-book or audiobook. Learn how technology is changing the way children read books, and how you can capitalize on this.

How to Evaluate Your Options: Traditional Publishing, Independent Publishing or a Combination

You might be surprised to hear an independent publisher say there are good reasons to hold out for that traditional contract. There are advantages and disadvantages to both traditional and independent publishing. Come learn how to evaluate your options and how they apply to your project so you can confidently move forward with the message God gave you to share. Hear examples of how children’s authors are taking advantage of both as hybrid authors.

Torry Martin

Comedy Shorts for Stage or Screen (Separate Teen and Adult Sessions)

Everything you need to know about writing comedy sketches for short films or staged productions. Emphasis is on format, story and structure, character and dialogue, dialogue, DIALOGUE! (12 page handout)

Creating a Compelling Protagonist and Antagonist (Teen Session)

Or, Too Good To Be True-It’s Good To Be Bad

This sessions helps writers create believable protagonists and antagonists. Torry also jump starts writers in conceiving original characters – both primary characters and secondary characters. He also explains how he researches characters to avoid stereotypes, creating character motivation and growth, and writing bios of your characters

Write for Your Life (Teen Session)

This workshop is a visual and participatory session on how to research story material from your own life and turn it into something marketable by adding humor and spiritual applications. You will discover how to research your life, edit your stories, incorporate comedy into your writing and most importantly how to have fun while sharing God’s truths.

Kim Peterson

Crafting Quality Queries

Master the dos and don’ts of pitching your ideas to editors. Uncover the secrets of hooking the editor, selling your ideas, asking for the assignment and making a good first impression. Bring an idea to class and craft a quality query during this workshop designed to make you a writer whose name editors love to see in their inboxes.

Write for Young Adults

From Sunday school take-home papers to young adult novels, consider the seven “P”s to effectively connect with the current teen and preteen culture.

Writing the Young Adult Novel

Learn how to construct a novel teens want to read. From motivation to characterization to plot to setting, tell a story that readers — and editors — can’t ignore.

Vonda Skelton

Scriptwriting: Biblical Truth from the Stage

Jesus used drama to teach—after all, parables are simply drama delivered through words. Join Vonda as she shares techniques she incorporated in her award-winning dramas, delivering biblical truth in a way that is easy to understand and apply. (Please note this class will address skits, sketches, and full-length plays. It does NOT address screenplays.)

Share Your Books and Increase Your Income with School Programs

Developing and delivering powerful school programs is a great way to sell your books and increase your speaking opportunities at the same time. Vonda has spoken to over 22,000 students across the country, primarily in the public school system, but also through homeschool associations, private schools, libraries, and bookstores. She looks forward to sharing her tips and secrets with you!

Tony Snipes

Hands-on Workshop: Sketching Faces (Teen Session)

For novices, skilled artists and those who are just curious. Join Tony for this practical, hands-on session. You might just discover a talent you didn’t know you have! (Supplies furnished by Write2Ignite!)

A Mirror or a Flashlight? (Adult Session)

Your creative gift has the POWER to stir things within those it comes in contact with. BUT, does your creativity reflect what’s already in their hearts…or does it shed light in their hearts for the better?

This workshop will take a practical approach by exploring:

  • How powerful your creativity really is.

  • How that power can influence people (in a positive or negative way)

  • How your creativity is a threat to the kingdom of darkness.

  • How God has ordained your creativity to be a blessing to HIS kingdom.

Karen Whiting

Marketing Brainstorming Session

Karen loves to brainstorm ways to apply marketing tools and concepts to each participants own book idea. Bring your Work in Progress and a sharpened pencil! This session unleashes great, specific ideas for each participant.

Writing for Today’s Tweens

Writing to engage kids and motivate them to apply Biblical principles in life. This looks at countering the top reasons older teens and young adults leave the church, using language that interests youth, and being authentic in writing for kids (not down to them).

Devotional Writing

Karen has written devotional books include ones for preschoolers, girls, boys, families, history buffs, and more. Learn about basics in devotional writing and markets for selling single devotionals and how to make them kid-friendly. Learn how to apply to write devotionals for outsourced products or pitch a book of devotions.

** Bonus Group Session: Heading Home with a Plan**

Don’t leave this Write2Ignite! Conference without a plan or goals. Learn how to continue taking advantage of the conference long after it ends. Understand how to sift through the information received, set writing goals, organize notes on contacts made, make plans to follow through on ideas, set a time table on submitting what editors asked you to send. Also, develop a strategy to prepare for maximum results from your next conference so that it more than pays for itself.

Sally Matheny

Friday Mini Session – Shine Like Stars

Freelance writer, Sally Matheny, takes great delight in encouraging others in their writing journeys. In this mini-session, she’ll share ten things that will spark your writing career. Sally will offer helpful tips and resources to help you and your writing shine like stars in this “crooked and depraved generation.


Jean Hall

Friday Mini Session – After the Contract

Jean Hall will moderate a panel of authors as they share their experiences after attaining that sought-after prize of a book contract. They’ll discuss things such as marketing, buying your own books, book signings, school visits, working with editors, working on their “next project.”


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