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Children's Writer's Word BookIt is just a few more days until 2016. The New Year always brings a list of resolutions and goals. If you are reading this, writing for children or teens is likely on your list.

How do children’s writers know that they are successfully penning words that will resonate with young readers? Certainly they must connect with the tone and heart of the writing. There are also resources that can help the write get on the right track. Here are two things to consider when polishing your writing for children and teens.

I encourage you to invest in some books that will be ready resources for child-leveled word choices.

Books that Guide in Word Choice

  1. The Children’s Writer’s Word Book
  2. A children’s thesaurus
  3. A children’s dictionary

Very often, writers assume that they have an inside connection to what children and teens like. If that is based on contact with children in just one setting, the perception may be stilted. Consider getting to know young readers in a variety of settings and continue to seek new points of contact. The same child will have very different conversations and interests in different settings.

Time with the Readers Themselves

  1. Neighborhood
  2. Family
  3. School
  4. Church
  5. Social settings

What about you? What resources have you found helpful when writing for children and teens?

I pray many blessings on your writing in the New Year. It is an awesome privilege to Write2Ignite young readers.


Carol is the author of two preteen devotionals from Zonderkidz.

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One thought on “Resources for Writing for Children

  1. All three of those books are readily available and can be fairly inexpensive. I happened to pick up a children’s thesaurus and dictionary at my local thrift store and found a used copy of The Children’s Writer’s Word Book very reasonably priced online.

    Thank you for recommending such practical tools.

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