Write Exciting Things for Kids

Some of you know that I’m a teacher as well as an author. I learn from my students and fellow teachers every single day, even—and sometimes especially—from those who are brand new to the profession.

What does teaching have in common with writing?

So. Many. Things.

ButtonsI was sitting with a new teacher who had inherited some classroom materials from her peers. Although she was grateful for each item and the generosity of the givers, I heard her sigh as she examined one thing. It was a counting chart.

She said, “Oh. I wish it was something a little more interesting to count.”

I looked around her classroom that was decked out with superheroes. I understood what she meant. Her job was to draw in and engage children, to get them excited.

And isn’t that our job as children’s authors?

After all, as Christian authors, we’re writing about the only true superhero, Jesus Christ. Our writing needs to reflect His power, glory, and amazing acts. Here are some ways to keep your writing perspective exciting for children and teens:

  • Surround yourself with God’s Word. Be true in your personal Bible study.
  • Immerse yourself in time with God. Pray.
  • Spend lots of time with your young-perspective readers. Interact with them in as many places as possible—home, church, school, and community activities.
  • Read what young people are reading. Ask children and teens what they’re reading. Ask why they like it.
  • Read new books. Look for new releases from Christian publishers and books that have won awards.

So there it is—our task as Christian authors for children and teens in a few words.

Write exciting things for children.

What exciting things will you write today? Tell us about them in the comments!

Carol McAdams Moore is the author of two devotionals for preteens.

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