The Tale of Three Authors

Cheri Cowell I am an author/publisher. I began writing in 2000 with magazine articles and seven years later published my first book. Recently, I had my fourth traditionally published book release with Zondervan, but I find the most satisfaction in helping my fellow authors extend their reach through my company, EABooks Publishing. So here’s my opus, the Tale of Three Authors.

Amy* was considered a successful author with two books published by traditional publishing houses. However, there was one book she’d pitched and pitched and had been unable to sell. The book represented her heart’s cry and passion, and she wouldn’t rest until it was published.

Chip* was a leader in his local critique group, winning several writing awards and the admiration of many. Yet when he sat before editors at writers’ conferences, he performed poorly and never knew how to answer the platform question. He wasn’t good at selling himself or his work, but he was a good writer with a lot to say.

Bonnie* was a retired high school English teacher who’d married her high school sweetheart. Together they’d served as missionaries around the world. Now that her husband was gone and her years waning, she began to look at the legacy she was leaving. Her grandchildren loved the story she always told about a young girl in Bangladesh—a true story about a girl and her life of faith in a foreign land. Bonnie knew she didn’t have the funds most self-publishers were charging, and yet she didn’t fit the profile of the up-and-coming author the traditional publishers wanted to sink their money into. Was there a place for her in the publishing world?

These three writers found a place with EABooks Publishing

The same year Amy released two traditionally published books, she released the book of her passion as an e-book. She timed it perfectly to piggyback on the publicity from her traditionally published books. Now she knows that the message of her “passion book” is reaching people and making a difference.

Chip has published five books with EABooks Publishing, some as e-books and others as print-on-demand. He’s found a new outlet for his creativity, and with marketing help from EABooks, he’s developed a fan base. He’s even making a little money. His fans can’t wait for the release of his latest project—an audiobook.

It took Bonnie a long time to make her decision, but when she finally decided to go with EABooks Publishing, she found the whole process empowering. When her book began selling on Amazon, she sent a link to a friend, who decided to purchase hundreds of copies for the children’s home he supported. Bonnie would have been happy to sell only to her family and friends, but sharing the gospel with hundreds of needy children makes her heart sing.

This tale is still being written and has room for the stories of more authors! Come share yours with me—Cheri Cowell, owner and president of EABooks Publishing. I’d love to hear about your book!

*Names and genders have been changed, but these stories are true.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of Three Authors

  1. Great post, Cheri! You gave just enough about those books to make me want to read them. My group loved working with you on our book. Blessings!

  2. Thanks, Cheri. There are so many publishing options now – we writers can use all the advice we can get on choosing the best option.


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