Five Benefits of Attending a Christian Writer’s Conference

Bloom at a Writer's ConferenceHave you ever considered attending a Christian writer’s conference? Whether you’re a first-time attendee, a published author, a presenter, or even the conference director, you’ll leave blooming with these benefits.

Fellowship: There’s nothing like sitting in a room full of like-minded writers. The first time you do so, it may be difficult to comprehend. All the people around you share your love of putting words on paper to inspire others. Friends that you make at a Christian writer’s conference often become your lifelong friends, encouragers, prayer partners, and confidants.

Encouragement: As you hear speakers and chat with other attendees, you’ll no doubt be encouraged. Others have questions and struggles like yours. You’ll be encouraged to know that you’re not alone in your writing pursuit (as it may feel when you’re working alone at your computer).

Education: Learning new information about writing, submitting proposals, completing a manuscript, and marketing your book is unique to writer’s conferences. You’ll no doubt go to a conference with questions and leave armed with information to take you to the next step in your writing.

Affirmation: Writing in the Christian market is so much more than just cranking out words. It’s a calling to serve others by putting down words to inspire. It’s a calling to be transparent, so that God’s love and grace can shine through you. One of the loveliest parts of a Christian writer’s conference is the affirmation that God is calling you to be used for this purpose.

Challenge: A Christian writer’s conference sends you on your way with a challenge to use what you’ve learned to follow Christ humbly and obediently as a writer.

Are you considering attending a Christian writer’s conference this year? What benefits do you look forward to receiving? Share your answers in the comments section!


2015 Selah Award winner Carol McAdams Moore writes for children and youth in the general and Christian markets. Her debut tween devos Dare U 2 Open This Book: Draw It, Write It, Dare 2 Live It—90 Devotions and Just Sayin’: Write ‘Em, Draw ‘Em, Hide ‘Em in Your Heart—90 Devotions released in September 2014.

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