Our sad news and regrets…

28623641_sOur Write2Ignite! 2016 conference has been cancelled after many prayers and tears and our many attempts to keep it together for this year. Please read the letter that has been sent out to the people who registered for a more complete explanation:

March 22, 2016

Dear Write2Ignite! Conference Registrant,

The Team has been looking forward to our April 1-2 conference keynotes and workshops. Despite all the planning for this event, we have received fewer than half of the registrations needed to fund the conference expenses this year. After much prayer and deliberation, as well as an extra publicity push last weekend, the number of new registrations, while encouraging, still falls far short of the minimum required. For this reason, we are regretfully cancelling the W2I! on-site workshop for 2016.

Given the current election season and today’s news from Belgium, perhaps our God is calling us to a season of renewed prayer and preparation for the challenges at hand.

If you have already sent payment via PayPal or check, your registration fee will be fully refunded. If you have paid for a professional critique, those critiques will still be delivered as promised. Write2Ignite!’s critique service will continue to be offered.

We will continue to offer blog posts, helpful links to sources for writers and artists, inspirational materials, and other resources to help build all of us, not only in the craft of writing and illustrating for children and young adults, but in our personal spiritual walk.

Our hope is to present one or more webinar workshops this calendar year, with a view to long-range planning for an on-site conference in 2017, and perhaps every other year thereafter. Please check the W2I! website for future announcements and programs.

We ask your prayers that we will follow God’s leading as we continue this group, plan, and conduct events to help writers and illustrators grow professionally and publish high-interest and high-quality Christian-themed books and articles for the younger generation.


Debbie DeCiantis, Acting Director, for the Write2Ignite! Team

Photo copyright: majivecka / 123RF Stock Photo

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