W2I! 2017 Conference date is set

Note the date and mark your calendars. The date for W2I! 2017 is March 24-25 and the place is North Greenville University.

The W2I! planning committee has met several times and gathered ideas and information to make our spring conference a success. We are also looking for programs and services we can offer throughout the year so it won’t seem so long between conferences.

We are looking into possibly offering some online video conferences with some of our favorite presenters that you can take part in from home. More information is forthcoming.

Do you need¬†a quality critique on a manuscript you have written? We are offering the “2 for 1 Critiques” again. You can get two critiques on your manuscript for the price of one critique through W2I! Look on our W2I! website under “Critiques” to learn more about this program.

We are also looking into ways we can offer our published participants’ books for sale on our blog. These sales will help the authors as well as W2I!

Do you have any suggestions to offer the planning team for the 2017 conference or for other W2I! activities? We would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “W2I! 2017 Conference date is set

  1. Looks like big plans are in the making for late 2016 and on into 2017. I hope everyone is as excited as I am over this news.

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