More Than Just the Facts, Ma’am

When you think about writing for children, you might picture stacks of picture books or a shelf full of novels. But did you know there’s a large nonfiction market as well? In my workshop session “More Than Just the Facts, Ma’am,” I’m going to introduce you to the world of children’s nonfiction and educational publishing.

There’s more to writing for the educational market than just getting your facts right. In the workshop, you’ll not only discover how to find reliable sources but also learn how to submit to publishers and book packagers, write for a particular reading level, complete work-for-hire assignments, communicate with editors, deal with revisions, and—of course—get more assignments. In three years, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to write over 60 books with topics ranging from frog hotels to surviving on a deserted island.

But we can’t forget the picture book! Join me in the workshop “15 Things Not to Do When Writing a Picture Book.” I’ll take you through the picture-book-making process from both an author’s and illustrator’s point of view. You’ll also learn about some common mistakes to avoid as you write for younger readers.

Can’t wait to see you in March!


Samantha Bell writes nonfiction books for the educational market and is a regular nonfiction contributor for Clubhouse Jr. magazine. She’s the author/illustrator of 4 picture books and the illustrator of 14 picture books. The best part: her 12-year-old thinks she knows everything!


2 thoughts on “More Than Just the Facts, Ma’am

  1. Thanks for the sneak peek into your sessions for this year. I hope to be able to sit in on both of them. Blessings as you prepare to teach.

  2. hi Samantha – your workshops sound terrific! I was hoping this would be there year I could attend the conference, but my youngest daughter has joined the Peace Corps and will be heading to Cameroon, Africa, in May. So we’re doing a last family vacation (for at least 2 years, anyway) over Easter break in April. That means traveling the end of March is out this year. But I’m looking forward to next year already!

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