Spotlight on Lisa Albinus

My name is Lisa Albinus. I get to live the dream of being an artist and author as I live my life with a Bible tucked under my arm and a paintbrush in my hand. My greatest desire is to breathe hope into the latent, creative dreams of your childhood and the crayons that have been abandoned. We trade in our crayons for deadlines and status, abandoning color for the more mundane daily living that permeates our being.

Remember the easier times, when a fresh box of ninety-six crayons was heaven on earth? The smell as you opened the box and saw all the little soldiers sharpened, pristine, ready to be called out of the ranks and used for great masterpieces? Let’s return to a time of wonder and unlimited potential. When we glorify the Lord through color, there’s a sweet freedom of expression.

Join me at the Write2Ignite Conference, and let your fire of creativity be rediscovered. I’ll take you on a colorful, creative adventure, where we’ll find beauty in the darkness and rescue her from your past. We’ll discover the freedom in mixed media journaling, awakening color within. Let’s clear away the cobwebs and make a stand against the lies that whisper, “You can’t.”

In addition, on Saturday, adults and youth can join me as we explore the sketching of faces and people and enjoy an introduction to watercolor. As an illustrator, author, and speaker, I cherish the opportunity to help you incorporate the visual with the written word.

Don’t be afraid. Be bold, be fearless as you embrace new things and dormant dreams. Allow the child of yesterday, who squealed with delight at a new coloring book, to be your guide. You can—and I’ll help you.

Let’s change the world together through color.

See more from Lisa at the Praise Heart website, and see some of her work below!

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