Is Your Creativity a Mirror or a Flashlight?

Is your creativity a mirror or a flashlight? Is it a thermometer or a thermostat? Does it reflect what’s in the heart already or change the surroundings?

A mirror reflects what’s in front of it. The viewer sees what’s already there.
A flashlight sheds light in darkness. The viewer gains new insight that’s useful in moving ahead.

Here’s an observation about Aaron’s creating the golden calf in the book of Exodus.

During their time in the wilderness, the Israelites became restless while Moses was away receiving the Ten Commandments from God.

They strongly encouraged Aaron to use his creative skills to make a golden calf they could use to worship. Aaron used his artistic ability to create an art piece that reflected the sinful nature that was already in the hearts of the people.

Watch this.

The people were already disobedient and had sin in their hearts.
They expressed that they wanted Aaron to create a golden calf, a creative work that would give life to the disobedience that was within their hearts. Aaron complied, pleasing the people with his talent rather than pleasing God.

Our creative talent has power because it’s a gift from God. It has the ability to influence people.

How will you use your unique ability?
Will you use it to make people “look” . . . or help them see?
Will you use it to make people hear what they want or to listen to what they need?
Will your creativity reflect the culture or shine a light for it?

What if Creatives were the key to revealing an age-old conspiracy? What if those flighty, imaginative misfits we all know were the key to an invisible battle for the destruction of mankind?

I’ll talk about it during my workshop “How Creatives Impact the Culture” at Write2Ignite 2017.

Take a peek:

WHAT IF: The Battle Against the UNSEEN! from Tony Snipes on Vimeo.


Tony Snipes started out as an entrepreneurial artist and has grown with the times to become a digital strategist, with a focus on marketing and small business. He spent most of his career in the news media industry, blending his internet marketing and sales experience with his passion for the arts and entrepreneurship. Tony now devotes his time to illustrating, writing, consulting, and speaking, especially using his blog as his primary platform.


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  1. Very intriguing, Tony, and makes me think about myself and my position in society. Looking forward to your session. Blessings!

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