Preparing for a Writers’ Conference

It’s writers’ conference season! The idea of attending a writing conference might be new and scary to you. It might be an annual event on your calendar, or you may be one of the seasoned professionals who presents at multiple conferences around the country each year.

After many conferences, my heart races a bit at the thought of attending a conference. There is so. much. to. do. to get ready.

I will admit that I just perused a trendy clothing catalog, thinking of the combinations of outfits I could put together from my closet. Maybe I could add a piece or two to boost my confidence and give my appearance a fresh look. The truth is that my personal budget doesn’t really allow for that this year.

I think about my business cards. Surely I will need to update them. I check to see if my contact information is correct. I still have several hundred of the perfect cards I ordered last year.

Then, I move on to my one sheets. How can I best present my work to potential publishers? I make a note to check with my agent about any revisions that should be made.

Hmmm. There is that pesky detail of transportation. Of course our car is acting up. That would be our “good” car to boot. Hmmm. Renting a car seems logical . . . and pricey. Hmmm.

Maybe my conference prep is similar to yours. Sometimes the preparation and the cost are a bit daunting.

The truth is I cannot, must not, ignore the truth.

What is the truly the most important thing to do in preparation for a writers conference?

I must prepare my heart for what God will tell me.

You must prepare your heart as well.

I encourage you to spend time in God’s Word as the first thing on your list as you prepare to go. Make time in your schedule as you plan which sessions on writing craft and marketing you will attend at the conference. Remember to meet up with God and not only editors and agents.


The truth is that God has a plan for your writing.

I must tell you, though, it may or may not be the plan that you have. His plan for your words may be for the hearts of those close to you or even just for yourself. His plan may be that your words will reach others through writing a book, or He may call you to write for magazines.

His call may seem smaller or bigger than your own plan.

So, today I am turning away from my closet. I am not even going to think about that pesky car in my driveway.

Today, I’m going to seek God’s direction for my writing.

I encourage you to do the same. And when you check in to that writing conference this year, I will pray for His guidance for your words and mine.


Carol McAdams Moore is the author of two preteen devotionals from Zonderkidz. Learn more about her on her blog at


One thought on “Preparing for a Writers’ Conference

  1. I love this post so much! Amen, Carol! I usually attend 2 conferences a year: Philly and Realm Makers. This year, it’s only going to be one conference – Realm Makers. Because I’m more focused on speculative fiction (picture books, MG and YA) and Philly is the same weekend. It will be strange, though, because I haven’t missed a Philly conference since I started attending in 1998. And I’ll miss the friends I see there only once a year. But Realm Makers is where I believe God wants me and Marlene (the director of the Philly conference) agrees.

    My goal for next year is to make Write2Ignite. Which means I’ll have to make choices then because I really can’t do three conferences in a year. Although that will depend on our family situation. Having a special needs adult daughter and a MIL with Alzheimer’s keeps you more house-bound.

    And yes, clothes. Realm Makers has an added feature and that’s an Awards Banquet, which most of us wear costumes to – we stress more over the costume we’ll wear more than meeting with an editor or agent. We’re such a bunch of geeks! hahahaha! I usually make mine, which holds down the cost. Also, Thrift Stores can be your best friend for new clothes (or costumes)! That will leave you more $$ for business cards. 🙂 But yes, seek God first. He’ll take care of everything else.

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