Giveaway Contest: Week 4!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Maria Faust Bostian, the winner of our Week 4 contest!

This week’s contest is open to everyone! All you have to do is answer this question: what has been your most memorable experience at a Write2Ignite conference? If you haven’t attended a Write2Ignite conference yet, describe the experience you would most like to have. 

Submit your answer before June 23 by

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We’ll draw from the comments submitted and announce the winner for Week 4 on June 25! 

Reminder: Don’t forget to check the guidelines for the “Faith and Freedom” writing contest cosponsored by EA Books Publishing and W2I. That contest is open to both adults and students attending W2I on September 21–22. The deadline for submissions is August 20! Winners of the “Faith and Freedom” contest will be announced at the W2I conference on September 22. 

7 thoughts on “Giveaway Contest: Week 4!

  1. I’ve never been to a Write2Ignite conference, but what I’d love to do is meet other like-minded YA writers who would end up being critique partners with me. Like a tight trio, for example, who encourages and challenges each other in the writing journey.

    1. Thanks for commenting, David! And congratulations again on winning our Week 3 giveaway contest! We hope you’ll visit Write2Ignite soon and make valuable relationships with other writers you meet there.

      1. Thank you, Grace! I’m excited to gain some valuable help with my writing!

  2. Several years ago I was on the Team. We were setting up for the Conference. My daughter called me with news that my husband (back home) was having a medical emergency. I asked those around me to pray for him with me. EVERYONE in the building stopped what they were doing and prayed for my husband’s welfare. They also started planning how they would handle the Conference if I had to leave.

    That was a special moment to me for two reasons. First–everyone involved stopped to pray. Secondly, they were confident in giving me permission to rush home knowing that they would handle whatever jobs I had to leave behind. They knew God would handle both situations.

  3. To me, A memorable conference would be to answer the questions that I have about how Christ wants me to use my talent as a writer, meet mentors who can guide me in my journey to professional writing, and he in a place with many people who have the same values and passion for literature that I have.

    1. Good to hear from you, K. G.! Those are all excellent reasons to attend a writer’s conference, and I think you’ll gain all those benefits and more at W2I. We hope you’ll visit this year!

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