Giveaway Contest: Week 7!

UPDATE: Congratulations to K. G. Wyrick, the winner of our Week 7 contest!

This week’s contest is open to everyone! When it comes to writing, what genre do you most often write in? Who’s your favorite author in that genre?

Submit your answer before July 14 by

  • commenting on this post,
  • sending a comment to W2I’s contact email (, or

We’ll draw from the comments submitted and announce the winner for Week 7 on July 16! 

Reminder: Don’t forget to check the guidelines for the “Faith and Freedom” writing contest cosponsored by EA Books Publishing and W2I. That contest is open to both adults and students attending W2I on September 21–22. The deadline for submissions is August 20! Winners of the “Faith and Freedom” contest will be announced at the W2I conference on September 22.

8 thoughts on “Giveaway Contest: Week 7!

  1. I love to write mysteries, and Arthur Conan Doyle and agatha Christie are my favorite author s of mystery. My favorite book genre, although I can’t write it, is the epic saga, like the Lord of the rings. (Book!!)

    1. Hi, K. G.! Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Thanks for sharing your favorite authors of mystery with us!

  2. I write picture books! My favorite author…wow, that’s so hard! I’d have to say Beatrix Potter, I believe! What amazing talent, both as a writer and illustrator!

    1. Hi, Kristi! Thanks for sharing! Beatrix Potter is one of my favorite authors too. 🙂

  3. As a teen, I loved reading YA (books along the lines mystery, thriller, suspense, adventure) and never grew out of it. So now as a YA writer, I write similar stories (thriller and adventure). Favorite authors are Jeri Massi, John Blaine, Dawn Watkins, Jerry Jenkins, Gloria Repp.

    1. The things we read when we’re young have such a great influence on us when we’re older. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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