Sneak Peek: Brenda Covert’s Presentation for W2I 2018

As a child, I penned a collection of Christmas poems. Little booklets of the poems became gifts tucked under Christmas trees. I loved creative writing and often wrote stories that I never finished, but I could always finish a poem. (Just don’t ask to see one of those early Christmas pieces!)

Puzzles have always intrigued me. Poems are like puzzles, and words are the puzzle pieces. When the words fit together perfectly, the result is a delightfully creative word picture. But if the wrong word has been hammered into place and forced to fit where it doesn’t belong, a disjointed picture emerges. Part of the fun of poetry is fitting the perfect words into place!

Poetry that honors our Heavenly Father has the power to inspire, encourage, convict, and motivate others in their walk. In my 2018 Write2Ignite Teen Track workshop, “Writing Poetry with Meter and Rhyme,” we’re going to look at “The Pilgrim,” a twenty-four-line poem by John Bunyan, and use it as a template for crafting our own poems. Then we’ll switch gears and work on two other types of poetry—life poetry and picture poetry—and have fun doing it! By the end of the workshop, we’ll have written three different types of poetry!

Can’t wait to see you in September!


Freelance author and editor Brenda Covert was first published for pay in 1999 with an article in the May/June issue of Today’s Christian Woman and a Thanksgiving poem in Clubhouse Jr. Since 2002, Brenda has written more than four hundred short children’s stories for Union Gospel Press’s Sunday school curriculum. Her stories, most of which are written for the nine to eleven age group, entertain as well as offer a lesson on living for our Savior. She also published numerous scripts for use in schools, the two most popular being K.C.’s Dream and The Constitutional Convention. Additionally, she has written poetry for the Adult Bible Study published by Union Gospel Press.

Brenda has been editing since 2002, first in the educational field and then in the Christian/family-friendly market. Her editing experience goes from picture books to chapter books—including Johanna’s Journey: Call to Freedom (a finalist for the 2015 Selah Award)—to YA novels and adult fiction and nonfiction, including inspirational books and Bible studies.

Brenda has two grown children, a new grandchild, two blogs that she promises to devote more attention to, and more cats than an allergic woman should have! (Want one?)

You can find Brenda online at If you’re especially fond of Christmas, you’ll enjoy her blog at Follow her on Twitter, where she is @radiantsunset7.

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