What Makes You Special?

Who are you? How do you identify yourself?

We might identify ourselves by name, family, where we live, what we do, our physical attributes…and that’s just the beginning. Does this list describe who we really are?

The world defines being special in terms of physical beauty, talent, status, and wealth. Problem is, all those things are temporary.

Writing adds another layer to our identity. Do you identify as a writer? An author?

If you’re a writer, you may think that a successful identity means you must be a published author. If you’re a published author, you might think success is dependent on being multi-published. There was a time when the standard for successful writers was traditional publishing as opposed to self-publishing.

But are any of those things what make us special?

Our real identity is the part of us that is eternal. It flows from our relationship with God through Jesus. New life in Christ always results in a new identity.

Yet many of us have bought into the world’s lies about who we are.

  • Writer’s block? We’re useless.
  • No book contract? We’ve failed as writers.
  • Book contract, but low sales? We’re unworthy.

The truth is, our worth has nothing to do with our writing and everything to do with the One who gave us the gift of words.

Ephesians 1:3-8 reminds us we are blessed, chosen, adopted, redeemed, and forgiven. And God did all this by loving us lavishly! You and I are special because we are:

  1. Blessed: the object of God’s favor. And that is not dependent on publishing success.
  2. Chosen: before the foundation of the world—before we imagined a book or wrote a word.
  3. Adopted: provided with the legal status of being a child of God (John 1:12).
  4. Redeemed: God went to extreme lengths to purchase us out of the slave-market of sin!
  5. Forgiven: every sin – small or large – is ultimately against God himself. And He is the One who offers forgiveness in Christ.
  6. Loved: you and I are loved with an everlasting love—a supernatural love that has our best interests at heart.

That’s how special you are to God!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to do something to be special. That your identity is dependent on your writing accomplishments.

What makes you and I special? Not looks, talents, ability, or publishing contracts.

We are special because the God of the universe calls us His own!

What Do You Think?