“J” is for Journey

Diane has always had a desire and a knack for impacting the lives of young children in the hopes of leading them to faith that embraces God and His son, Jesus. Whether that “calling” in life took the form of teaching preschoolers, being a church staff minister for children, or currently being a “lunch lady” for Greenville County Schools, the education, nurture, and care for preschoolers and children have been at the heart of Diane’s work.


So, it is with joy that she begins a further, deeper walk along the path of Christian education to one that includes writing with Union Gospel Press (very part-time job) and being a new Team member with Write 2 Ignite and the conference staff. Diane is ready and willing to serve in any way that God may open doors in Write 2 Ignite, so lives are touched and encouraged with the hope of God’s love. It is an honor to help leave a legacy of faith in Christ for a younger generation. What a surprise! What a delightful task for such times as this! What a dream come true in God’s timing. Being with this team will create a motion and movement in her spiritual life that can best be explained in this poem.



On the Verge 

all roads merged 

Down below 

I don’t know 

I can’t see 

what will be 

The vast domain 

glorify His name 

I know God’s Hand 

will Bless the land 

His words to heed 

I follow. He leads. 

Destination known. 

faith is sown. 

Hearts are grown. 

God is known. 

Light a fire. 

this life for hire. 

Words that matter 

sins will scatter 

Circular motion 

moves like an ocean 

Waves wash the sand 

recedes from land 

Out again 

again begin. 

Jones Gap State Park

11 thoughts on ““J” is for Journey

    1. Thanks Melissa! I appreciate that you enjoyed this post! Hope you will be attending the fall conference in September. If you come, please make sure I get to meet you. Would love to shake your hand!

    1. It is great to meet you Carol! I look forward to working with you and other team members to help create conferences that inspire faith and writing in all of us.

    1. Thanks Jean! I look forward to working with you and with others on our team. I enjoy your posts too Jean!

  1. So happy for Diane! She is a dear Christian lady who has discovered a passion. Praying for all that lies ahead.

    1. Thanks Ellen for your comments! I am happy to know you too and have been so blessed by ERBC and its’ many friends there. Our whole class inspires me so much. If you know anyone that would enjoy the fall conference at NGU please, help us invite them. I will post the link to register here.

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