Faculty Focus

This is Brenda Covert’s 5th year with W2I. In the past she participated as an editor and taught a poetry workshop for the Teen Track. Now she is the critiques coordinator and manages W2I’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. She ┬áloves teen authors since they are some of the most creative, imaginative, quirky people in the world! Brenda says, “There is little in life more satisfying than witnessing a quiet teen author enthusiastically sharing ideas and poetry during my workshop!” Social media is her guilty pleasure. 🤓[spacer height=”20px”]




Faculty Focus


Keynote by Edie Melson

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  1. Kudos, Brenda! :) So glad I was able to meet you at W2I conference in the past & then, become one of your many friends, fans, and team members. (I hope that sentence was grammatically correct)! :)

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