Would Your Life Win an Oscar? by Jarm Del Boccio



”Do You Hear the People Sing?” *

”I Dreamed a Dream” — that They Won All!  *

Am I ”On My Own” in this?  *


Les Mis should have won more Oscar Awards!

At first, I was discontented. Well, okay, miserable. Only three awards out of eight possible? C’mon! Couldn’t the judges see the talent, energy, and pathos that went into the production?

Although I don’t usually watch the Oscars, I was curious to see how my favorite film of the year fared against the others. 

Best supporting actress? Of course! 

Best sound mixing? I agreed. 

Best Makeup and Hairstyling? I saw that, too. 

But, I wanted them to win all the awards. Then I settled down and realized there are other deserving actors/actresses, especially from other cultures who need a win as well.

Would your life win an Oscar?

Then, I got to thinking about our performance as Christians on the stage of life. Are we winning heavenly awards that will bring glory to God and not ourselves? 

For instance (and I’m questioning myself) . . .

Best Leading Actor: Are men taking their roles as leaders seriously? How about church leaders? Or anyone for that matter, in a leading role?

Best Supporting Actress: Are you as a wife taking your God-given role seriously and supporting your man? Or, if you are a young person at home, are you supporting your parents? How about singles? Are you being a good friend, and honoring your boss (no matter what gender you are)? How about pitching in with the gifts God has given you in your local church? Congregations, are you bringing joy and not pain to your church leaders?

Directing: Let’s turn the tables — are you allowing God to direct your life, or are you taking charge?

Best Costume Design: Are you “putting off” the dirty garment of anger, lies, and filthy talk?  And “putting on” the fresh, clean garment of kindness, humility and patience?  (Colossians 3:3-14) Or, possibly, are you pretending to be someone you are not?

Best musical score: Is your life a symphony of comforting notes and scores that brings joy to those around you?

Visual effects — Does your countenance reflect your heart? Do your deeds reflect your relationship with the Creator?

Writing: Those of us who are authors, are we writing for the glory of God, or for a spot in the limelight?

Sound Editing: How is your tongue? Are you silencing those harsh or untrue words before they hurt others?

Cinematography: if you were to play your life back on the screen in a two-hour movie, how would the audience react at the end? Give it 5-stars? Cry at the tragedies that led to more tragedies without meaning? Laugh uproariously because it’s so true in your own life, a mirror that reflects your need to change?

I’d love to hear your ideas below in the comments!


Of course, only God deserves our ultimate praise and worship, but, as we do our best in our work and life, we reflect God’s excellence:

“Praise him (God) for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.”  Psalms 150: 2

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* all Les Mis song titles

3 thoughts on “Would Your Life Win an Oscar? by Jarm Del Boccio

  1. I love the breakdown of the awards – thank you! I’ll be pondering them. But I have to admit, I hated Les Mis. I saw it 32 years ago in Philly. Hated the entire thing. I would have left, but with I was with a group. Soooo sad. The title definitely reflected the show. haha!

    I might feel differently if I saw it now, all these years later, but I’m not really interested in trying it. 😉

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