Why I’m excited for the Writing Fiction Master Class (and why you should be too)! by Jean Hall

Write2Ignite’s Writing Fiction Master Class is coming up Sept. 19! In just two weeks, author Joyce Moyer Hostetter will be presenting three sessions to help attendees learn more about fiction writing. Plus, the Write2Ignite team will be leading three workshops to help you apply the skills you learn during Hostetter’s sessions. 

Last year, I had the joy of attending the Write2Ignite Conference at North Greenville University with my mom. We loved meeting other writers and hearing from the lineup of speakers! While I’m sad that we aren’t able to meet in person this year, there are some benefits to this Master Class being on Zoom.

Writers from across the country (and the world) will be able to gather online for an entire day of learning.

master class
The Write2Ignite Team will be hosting workshops so that you can apply your knowledge right after each session!

Meeting on Zoom gives us the unique opportunity to bring together Christian writers who live in different time zones and countries. The Write2Ignite team is excited to welcome Australian author Penny Reeve and her friends for our special Write2Ignite Australasian Master Class. Reeve will be gathering Christian writers in her area to learn from Hostetter and workshop the lessons together. 

This also allows our usual audience to be expanded from the Southeastern United States to all of the U.S. and Canada! No matter where you live in, you’ll be able to join us for the Writing Fiction Master Class on Zoom. 

I’ll be joining from my home in Central Virginia!

Meeting online will protect vulnerable members of our audience from COVID-19 exposure. 

So many events and activities have been canceled this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of attendees. With the mid-summer spike of COVID-19 cases in South Carolina, we decided it would be safest to transition our event to Zoom.

This is good news because it allows members of our writing community who may be at high risk of contracting the virus to learn and grow as a writer from the safety of their homes.

The Master Class doesn’t end on Sept. 19. You can access recordings for two months after the event!

Since we will be hosting the entire Master Class on Zoom, we decided to record the sessions and share them with attendees for two months after the event. You will be able to access all three of Hostetter’s lessons on a password-protected page on our website for two months after the Master Class so that you can go back and fill in your notes, refresh your memory, or go through each session at your own pace.

I’m really excited about this event because I love learning from experienced writers! As a multi-passionate writer, I’m always looking for new ways to develop my skills, whether that be from reading books and blogs, watching YouTube videos, or learning from experienced writers.

I’m a copywriter by trade, but writing young adult fiction has always been something that I want to do. Last year’s conference sparked some great ideas, and I know that this year’s Master Class will help me start to flesh them out—or maybe even dig up a YA manuscript I wrote in high school.

If you’re interested in writing fiction for children or young adults, this is the Master Class for you! Hostetter is an award-winning middle-grade author who has tons of wisdom to share with you. 

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom Sept. 19! If you haven’t yet registered, you have until Sept. 14 to register and pay your $79 registration fee. 


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