Welcome Back, W2I.


Praise God! 2021 has already been filled with blessings for Write2Ignite.

December 2020 tried to drag us down. Our website went into cardiac arrest around December 17. It died. It was frustrating. It was saddening.

But it was the open door to God’s blessings.

Our website loss was the entry way to God’s bringing wonderful new friends to our rescue. Our website had been suffering for some time. We just didn’t know how to fix it. We didn’t have the money to hire a professional to figure it out, either.

But God did what He often does. He drove us to our knees. He put us in a position of desperation. It seems to me that we humans are sadly self-sufficient. God must do this to us again and again before we listen to Him, seek Him. We must become desperate before we collapse on His shoulders.

Someone (unknown) said, “When you get to your wit’s end, you will find God lives there.” He does.

Take a good look around our beautiful new website. God lives here. We hope you’ll be amazed like we are. We still have a few doo-dads to add to it. But it’s ready to welcome you in. Be sure to sign up (again!) for our blog emails/updates.

We want to thank those generous people who volunteered to rescue us. People who heard our pleas and God’s call, and said, “I will.” Their expertise is their means of income. But, apparently, they’ve learned that the secret of income that keeps coming in is being generous with the out-flow.

Many thanks to Brett Hibbler, to Karley and Mike Conklin, and to JoAnn Craten for coming to our rescue. And thanks to our amazing, unconquerable Write2Ignite Planning Team for pitching in to make this all happen in a few days.

God is good. And so are His people.

I predict it’s going to be a great 2021.


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