Creating Images for Your Author’s Platform

In last month’s post, I introduced you to Canva, a platform that helps you create an unending variety of images for blog posts, newsletters, social media, and more! You can find the link HERE. I suggested in that post to choose an image of you, the writer, your published book, or anything else that relates to your platform, to ready yourself for today’s instruction.

I am the author of The Heart Changer, a middle-grade historical fiction, but I am also passionate about travel. It makes my world go around. Below are a few images I have created on Canva to reflect those two aspects of my platform—who I am.

In some of the images above, I used a template and edited various aspects for my own use. Others, I created from scratch. Join me below as I take you through the motions of creating both on Canva. Have your own images ready to apply after watching the tutorials.

Creating an image with a quote from your writer’s heart. . .

Or, maybe you want to share a quote about writing to encourage your peeps. . .

Lastly, here’s an example of a post to advertise your book or an author’s event. . .

So, there you go! Three examples you can use in your social media accounts or blogposts to share your writing life or work. Now it’s your turn to try it out for yourself. Canva is easy and fun, but you need to practice a bit. Start your journey today with a free account, then choose 5 images of yourself, your book cover, an aspect of your writing life, or some images that inspire you and download them into your Canva account, and let your creativity flow. Don’t worry about making mistakes. You can always go back with the ‘return arrow’ icon or delete what you’ve done. Even if you download your design, you can always delete it from your photos. There’s no downside to Canva!

Is there something specific aspect I did not cover but you want to know more about? Was anything confusing? Please let me know in the comments below. Next month, I plan to share specific details to help you create an image without a template.

Until then, enjoy the unlimited possibilities at your fingertips for creating amazing images for your brand!

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  1. This entire series has been so informative! Thanks for taking the time to create these videos. I’m quite sure I’ll be going back to them.

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