What We Are Thankful For by the Write2Ignite Team

Penny Reeve, our “Next-Steps” Facebook Group Coordinator

I’m thankful for opportunities to think about my faith in God, for the miracle of salvation and the wonder of grace – and then to be able to write for children and young people in a way that might honour these precious gifts! 

I’m thankful for the network of Christian children’s writers that is Write2Ignite, for their excitement for kids’ literature and their commitment to building the next generation of Christian children’s/YA authors. It’s an exciting, inspiring group to be part of. 

Thanksgiving isn’t a traditional celebration in Australia, but I do love to celebrate it with my own family. We usually pick a date that suits us, sometime in November, and cook up a special meal with recipes my US or Canadian friends have suggested. It’s a lovely time of fellowship, thankfulness, and laughter as we try out new (and sometimes strange for us) foods. (Is sweet-potato souffle really main course? Surely it’s sweet enough for desert!?)

Sally Matheny, Pinterest Editor

I am thankful for how God has worked in my life through Write2Ignite. During my first few years as a writer, attending Write2Ignite classes was an essential element in honing my skills. The more I learned, the more I realized I needed to attend more W2I classes! In addition to strengthening my skills, God has used W2I to establish relationships. Strong friendships have flourished from the seeds of conversations planted during Write2Ignite events. I love the unashamed heart-focus of W2I—to honor Christ in all we do. I’m grateful for what God has done, and is doing, through Write2Ignite.

Nancy Sanders, Social Media Coordinator and Linked In Team Leader

I’m very thankful for Write2Ignite! I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe, a group of caring Christian children’s authors who want to write to give God the glory!

I’m also thankful for the blog and bloggers at Write2Ignite. Wow. So much helpful and inspirational content that I can tap into and learn and grow as a KidLit author who writes for both the general and Christian market.

Jean Hall, Director

I am grateful that God still speaks! He speaks through what we write and share with children and young adults. He speaks through our Master Teachers and through our blog posts to other writers. He speaks to us individually with comforts and challenges for our faith journeys.

I am also grateful for the faithful and generous writing friends God has caused to cross my path. They are dear to me.

Carol Baldwin, Blog Coordinator and Facebook Team Leader

I am thankful that the Lord has given me the gift of writing and for the many outlets in which I can express myself. I’ve prayed for many years that I would serve the Lord with that gift and I believe he answered my prayers with Write2Ignite. I enjoy encouraging new and young writers and am thankful for the opportunities to mentor some of them whose writing first appeared on this blog.

I am also grateful that the Lord has brought a great team of writer-workers together. We have grown over the years and it is wonderful to see the Lord’s work in pulling us together!

We are a flock of Christian writers seeking to serve our Great Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful to be a part of this serving, supportive community.

Brenda Covert, 2 for 1 Critiques Coordinator and Instagram Team Leader

I’m thankful for a church family that meets unexpected needs, and I’m thankful to be a part of the Write2Ignite leadership team.

Gail Cartee, Registrar

I am thankful the Lord allowed me the privilege to attend Write2Ignite over ten years ago. I was nervous having no clue what to expect. I was just a nobody trying to find God’s plan. I’m still a nobody but I’ve grown as a writer and hopefully as a friend to other writers. Write2Ignite has been a place to share my struggles, receive encouragement and encourage others. I’m thankful for the wisdom God has given Write2Ignite to invite a variety of quality authors like Crystal Bowman, Laura Sassi, Karen Whiting, and Annette Whipple to name a few. The invited authors are great mentors who demonstrated how to find purpose in my writing, how to use POV, and create a story arc that shows the struggles and victories of the main character. I’ve found writing as a way to reach others for Christ through picture books, midgrade novels, young adult books, devotional blogs and books, and magazine articles. I may only reach a few people face to face but writing opens the door for a witness to the world. Thank you Write2Igninte for showing me how to open that door. 

Cindy Lynn Sawyer, Newsletter Editor

I am thankful to be surrounded by a professional team of writers who are encouraging, knowledgeable, and have a focused mission to equip others to share Christ through their writing gifts. Today’s publishing world is very competitive. W2I gives Christian writers the ability to learn and connect in a way that gives them the ability to produce and present quality work to editors and readers. Watching our master class students get excited and take off in their writing career is so rewarding.

Deborah DeCiantis, Financial Administrator

I am thankful for —

The community of Christian writers that I meet, learn from, exchange ideas with, and receive spiritual insights in fellowship through Write2Ignite conferences, Team meetings, Master Classes and breakout sessions, blogs, social media, and their writings!

I am thankful for —

Challenging Write2Ignite assignments (tasks) that stretch my comfort zone and force me to depend even more on God as I learn new skills.

I am thankful for —

Exposure to quality Christian works in all genres that I can give as gifts to children and grandchildren, friends, and new contacts – so many books, articles, blogs, and other resources that I learn about through connections to Write2Ignite.

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