Break Time!

Do you ever give yourself a break from writing? I’m not talking about a hiatus where you take a long period of time away from your laptop or pad of paper and pen. I’m referring to a little transition break from one project to the next. Here’s what I mean.

I just finished several deadlines at the same time: an article for a children’s magazine, an editing assignment for a city magazine/newsletter, and a nonfiction manuscript for a hi/lo children’s book. Of the three, the last one, the manuscript, had taken more time and energy because of all the research involved. Plus, I was working with a new publisher, so it took me awhile to get acclimated to all their requirements for each chapter.

Needless to say, I was a bit tired when I turned those items in. Now, I do have some other deadlines, but since I have a little time before those are due, I decided to take a bit of a break. Not much. Perhaps a few days. Why?

I need to refresh my mind. And I want to avoid burnout. Burnout can be a disaster for a writer because the creative flow backs up and sometimes stops completely. Plus, I want to enjoy my writing journey. I don’t want writing to feel like a chore.

And what am I doing to take a break? I’m relaxing a bit. I’m not attempting to write (well, except for this blog post). And, I’m doing some fun things like canning chicken, making chicken stock, and going thrift store shopping with my oldest son. By the way, those thrift stores often have great buys on books. How else do you think I can afford all those wonderful resources I use for research?

When will I get back to writing again? Maybe tomorrow. Right now I’m going to watch some how-to videos on YouTube. I always like learning something new. Maybe I’ll look at how to make some new bookshelves for all those bargain books I’ve bought the last few months.

Taking a mini-break is a good thing now and then. Give it a try when you’ve finished some big project, or if you need some time to refresh and renew.

What fun things do you do when taking a break from writing?

Catherine L. Osornio has written inspirational articles for a women’s ministry newsletter, over 200 leveled reader stories for a school’s reading program, fiction and nonfiction articles for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, Thunder Comes a Rumblin’, plus various work-for-hire projects. A former elementary school librarian, Catherine is passionate about sharing the love of reading. She enjoys cartooning, illustration, and reading kids’ books. Email her at or visit her at

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