A Season of Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

“Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Ps. 34:11 NKJV As a group of writers dedicated to sharing our faith with the next generation, do we effectively communicate thanksgiving and hope in difficult events as well as holidays? Why give thanks? The very first mentions of “thanksgiving”…

Overcoming a Writer’s Fears by Attending Conferences

As a writer, I often find myself bogged down in fear.  Fear that my writing may not be good enough. Fear that I am too old. Fear that I don’t know how to write. Attending conferences gives me the insight to overcome those fears through encouragement, instruction, resources and reminding me that my writing needs to be covered in prayer. 

Self-Publishing Q & A: Interview with P. Diane Buie

Sixth in the Write2Ignite Self-publishing series by Debbie DeCiantis In 2016, Write2Ignite Conference began receiving a lot of questions about non-traditional options like hybrid-and self-publishing. When our spring conference that year had to be canceled (actually, postponed, because all our presenters signed on to give their keynotes and workshops in March of 2017), author and…

Author Interviews: Gail Cartee Shares Self-Publishing Experiences

More writers are choosing self-publishing to deliver their books, whether print or digital, to readers. Write2Ignite is reaching out to several authors to ask about their decisions, experiences, and tips for those considering self-publishing for their projects. Today’s author, W2I Team Member Gail Cartee, shares insights and experiences about self-publishing her book Tsali: Legendary Hero…

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