WHO I am Thankful For

Of course, the Person I am thankful first for is our Lord Jesus Christ--our Prophet, Priest, and King! Second, I'm thankful for my family, friends, and the wonderful fellowship of believers I am a part of every Lord's Day. Third, I'm thankful for the team of Write2Ignite bloggers who dependably bring you great content every…

An Unconventional Gratitude


This year, I’m going to be grateful for all the things I didn’t get or didn’t happen as I wished. And for the prayers God answered in the negative. I’m going to thank the Lord for the hard times — the low times — that knocked the wind out of me or caused me to slip and slide. I'll be grateful for those times I would categorize as disappointments or dead ends, and for people God surrounds me with who keep me humble — those who withhold praise, give criticism or are uncomfortable to be around. As writers, we certainly experience many of the above.

The ABCs of Thankfulness in our Writing Life

It's easy to be thankful for an agent’s representation or signing with a publishing house. But as we consider the ABCs of thankfulness in our writing life, let’s be more creative than that!

The First Page of Your Picture Book

Image by Amberrose Nelson from Pixabay A picture book is all about your Main Character (MC) and the problem he or she is trying to solve. As in all manuscripts, the first page of your picture book plays an important role. We're going to talk about the text that will eventually become the first page…

“Seven Ways to Increase Tension in Your Scenes” by Marianne Hering

I’ve written more than thirty adventure books. And I still find that building tension in each scene is as difficult as losing weight. You think you have a “formula” and then BOOM! boringness creeps in, saturating your book in bloated prose. Credit: Photo by James Allen on Unsplash Here are seven things I look at to make sure…

Please welcome our new blogger, Marianne Hering

We're excited to have Marianne Hering join our blogging staff.

The Best Yes: Make the Most of Your Holiday Season By Doing Less

Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way. Are you ready to say no to obligations and slow down this holiday season?

Alternative Fall Activities for the Family

If you are uncomfortable with celebrating ghosts, skeltons and demons at Halloween, I have some alternative family-friendly fall festivities for you! Before I offer links to other ideas, I will list a few of my own (certainly not original with me) for you to try:

Seven Great Books for Young Readers by Guest Blogger, Esther Bandy

Guest blogger Esther Bandy recommends several books for middle grade readers and young adults.

Oaks From Acorns Grow

Oaks From Acorns Grow

Are you feeling "buried" or "planted" when it comes to your writing journey? What difference does it make?

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