Alert: Website under construction! Changes are in the wind!

 Photo by Darcy L. Hendrick

Like this winter’s weather (not to mention unusual early spring weather patterns), the Write2Ignite website will be changing in appearance and content in the coming weeks, for several reasons.

  • First, we lost some key pages and will be restoring them, with improvements. Registration is one of them!
  • Second, we’ll be reorganizing and reformatting some content, adding menu tabs, and moving others.
  • Third, we will continue to add Speaker Spotlights with brief descriptions of workshops on our September 21-22 Conference schedule, complete our faculty bios, and add editors and literary agents as their responses come in.
  • Our overworked Webmaster, Samantha Schweizer Bell, will be getting help from Team members new to WordPress. Please bear with us as we make these changes!

Please note: We reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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