Anthology to Publish W2I Conference Participants’ Writings on “Faith & Freedom”

How do you measure freedom? Everyone seems to want it, but what does it mean, and how does it relate to faith? What kind of faith? Does a particular historical character or event embody your views about faith and the liberty to practice it? Does poetry best express struggles and feelings of bondage? Have you created a story with characters and actions showing bullying or other traumas in today’s society? What are common denominators in “Faith and Freedom”? 

EABooks Publishing plans to explore questions like these, drawn from works submitted by new* teen and adult writers who attend Write2Ignite Conference on September 21–22, 2018. Entries chosen will be published in a new Faith and Freedom” anthology.

Entries already received are being evaluated by EABooks Publishing editors. There’s still room for additional pieces. For rules, submission guidelines, and formatting requirements, see our contest post. Submit entries by September 10, 2018, at

*”New” or previously unpublished writers may have no previously published writings, may have a self-published book, or have articles published in a magazine or blog, but not in a book or anthology for which they’ve been paid.

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