Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Blackaby’s Workshop “Joining the Fellowship: A Fun Brainstorming Session about Your Book”

Author and speaker Daniel Blackaby inspired both teen and adult writers at Write2Ignite 2017. He returns with three new workshops for W2I 2018. Featured today is his session on brainstorming ideas with fellow writers.

Daniel’s workshop “Joining the Fellowship: A Fun Brainstorming Session about Your Book” is a fun, interactive, and communal experience. Even the mightiest of heroes need faithful sidekicks and friends. Technical writing tips and tools can be learned from a book, but many valuable lessons can be gained only by walking the journey alongside fellow adventurers. Join the fellowship with other attendees. Learn and inspire each other by spending the workshop brainstorming your story ideas. The writer’s journey is too dangerous to walk alone. Thankfully, you don’t have to!

Daniel published his first novel as a 23-year-old college student. Since then, he has published multiple books in both fiction and nonfiction genres. His writing has received several awards and nominations; has been featured in major trades, such as Publishers Weekly; and has been featured at several major retail conventions (ALA, ICRS). When not working on new writing projects, Daniel is completing a PhD in the field of Christianity and the ArtsHe has a passion for connecting with aspiring writers and artists and helping them leverage their creative talents for the glory of God. 

To learn more about Daniel Blackaby, visit his website, DanielBlackaby.com.

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