Speaker Spotlight: Vicki Moss’s “The Journey Towards Finding Your Writing Voice”

“God’s calling you to write. You’ve heard the gentle whisper and you’ve been told by friends and family you’re a natural born storyteller. You’ve written a rough draft of several stories and articles, but the writing sounds off. The characters sound ‘cardboardish’ and what your manuscript needs is ‘voice.’ But what is it? You begin to have doubts—are you really supposed to be writing for God? Why hasn’t God sent the email with an attached game plan and what is the next step? Do you walk on water or stay in the boat?”

Are you trying to develop your writing voice? The paragraph above is just a taste of what you’ll find in Vicki Moss’s workshop “The Journey Towards Finding Your Writing Voice.” Sharing from her own experience, Vicki will challenge writers struggling with writing projects that just aren’t going according to plan. 

Vicki, contributing editor for Southern Writers Magazine, has over 18 books in the Moments series (Grace Publishing) and over 500 articles published nationally and internationally. She is also author of How to Write for Kids’ Magazines and Writing with Voice.

Join Vicki in her writing workshop to find your writing voice and take the next steps in your writing journey.

To learn more about Vicki, visit her website at LivingWaterFiction.com.

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