Teen Track July 4 Writing Contest Entry/Submission Form

Submit your original poem, short story, or fictional journey entry by July 25, 2019:

  1. Copy and paste to a Word document, fill in, save, and send to info.write2ignite@gmail.com
  2. OR – Request a document attachment sent to your email
  3. OR – Request an entry form sent to you via mail to your post office address (allow extra time for mail delivery to ensure your entry arrives on time to Mrs. Cathy Biggerstaff, 410 Aydlotte Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 28139)

Student’s name __________________________________________________

School grade completed as of June, 2019 ____ (5th gr. or higher) Age _____

School name, city, and state: _______________________________________


 Contact information (may be parent’s contact information for younger students)

Email ________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

Phone ________________________

Parent’s or guardian’s name (and contact information if different from above):

Email ______________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Phone ____________________________

Complete contest information, “10 Questions,” and rules can be found at  https://write2ignite.com/2019/07/04/july-4-a-teen-track-historical-fiction-creative-writing-contest/#more-6997

Student: Write an original short story, poem, or journal entry/ies (75- 250 words total) with the following elements. Add your creative writing on the next page. Save the file as Your Name + W2I Teen Contest [.doc, .docx, or pdf]

  • You are (or your character is) a young (age 10-17) colonist in _____________________ (city/colony name) in June of 1776. Your (or your character’s) father/uncle/grandfather is away from home because of recent conflicts between British soldiers and American colonists. [Or he took part in events which led to or followed the Declaration of Independence).
  • Describe events, people, experiences, and feelings which you have or your character has or hears of before, during, and/or after the Declaration/Revolutionary War.
  • Your story, poem, or journal entry must include specific information (answers) to at least four of the “10 Questions” in the July 4 blog post on write2ignite.com.

Title of original entry: _____________________________________________

Genre: (check one) __ Poem    __ short story  __ fictional journal entry(ies)

*Sources used to find specific historical facts (answering 4 of the “10 Questions”) 1. 




List sources (author and book, or webpage and website) where you find specific facts about this time in history, including answers to the four questions used in your creative writing entry. [You must use one or more factual historical source. Entries without sources will not be accepted.]

*Sample source listing: “American War Deaths Throughout History.” [This is the webpage.] MilitaryFactory.com [This is the website where that webpage was found.] 2019 (website copyright) https://www.militaryfactory.com/american_war_deaths.asp [url = web address for the page used]

Write2Ignite Staff: # words ____ Sources provided Y/N   Complete entry  Y/N  Date received ________ 
Received via  email/  U.S. mail /  in-person         Typed/Handwritten

Your creative writing piece goes here. 75 to 250 words   You may add extra pages/sheets if needed. Type or hand write.

Name ________________  Title ____________________________________________

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