Write2Ignite Conference 2019 Faculty is now complete! Teen Track workshop options


In addition to Keynotes and workshops by Nancy Lohr, Edie Melson, and Daniel Blackaby, [“Keynotes” announcement April 15 https://write2ignite.com/announcements/], faculty authors, editors, and literary agents will present the following workshops. [See Author bios in “Faculty” section https://write2ignite.com/2019-faculty/ ]

** = Teens Only     *** Adults Only – All other workshops open to adults or teens

Teen Track faculty:

Carol Federlin Baldwin will offer three Teen Track workshops:

**Let Your Characters Do the Heavy Work What good is a story without a memorable character? Includes hands-on writing activities to help teens create unforgettable protagonists and antagonists.

**Creating a Sensory Setting A descriptive setting sets the tone for a scene. Basics of creating mood-inducing settings, using precise adjectives and figurative language.

**Stories that are Out of This World: Write a Science Fiction or Fantasy Story. For teens who love alien adventures, whether anti-gravity tournaments, fairies that camouflage themselves in flowers, or wizards who hijack British schooners. Discuss the process of creating a story with believable science fiction or fantasy characters and placing them in settings consistent with their unique physical, mental, and social characteristics!

Brenda Covert Following Brenda’s popular 2018 metered poetry writing workshop, she offers **Poetry Writing: Playing with Words  [teens only]  In this interactive poetry workshop, teens will practice refining their creative voice and will have the chance to share their work in class. The workshop will introduce African Praise Poetry, Erasure Poetry, and Paint Chip Poetry, with an eye toward sharing personal faith while having fun playing with words.

See additional workshop and Keynote by Daniel Blackaby in “Keynotes” https://write2ignite.com/announcements/

General Track Workshops open to Teens 

 Tessa Emily Hall returns to W2I with two publishing/marketing-focused workshops.

Create Book Buzz by Coordinating a Blog Tour Blog tours are a powerful online marketing strategy vital in generating buzz surrounding a book release. This workshop walks participants through the process of finding bloggers, preparing creative material that features their book, and using tools to keep it organized. Result? A blog tour to bring readers flocking to your release.

How to Sell Your Book to an Agent: What to Do and What to Avoid It’s no easy feat to attract  a literary agent’s attention, especially when it seems they’re searching for a reason to reject your manuscript. Learn to make your submission stand out in an agent’s slush pile and what you can you do to avoid having your submission deleted as soon as the agent opens your email.

 Steve Hutson, Literary Agent, WordWise Media Services, presents two workshops with advice on approaching editors or agents. In Rejection-proof Submissions: Why You’re Not Getting Published, he explains why writers who have “sent off [a] manuscript to dozens of agents and editors, [may] be rejected again and again.” Sharing things most pros don’t disclose, he’ll help writers discover the most common problems and how to avoid them. Hint:  It may have nothing to do with the quality of your writing or your story.

In What NOT to Say to an Agent or Editor, Steve explains that No matter how good your story, or how awesome your execution, it might not be enough. You still have to sell this thing. Learn what to say — and, very importantly — what NOT to say, when pitching your book.

Kim Peterson‘s workshop on secondary characters will appeal to all fiction writers:

Develop a Strong Supporting Cast – From Fern Arable to Willy Wonka to Ron and Hermione, secondary characters enrich the stories readers love. Secondary characters allow the reader to see the main character in new, exciting ways. Learn how to create compelling secondary characters that enhance your plot and make your protagonist unforgettable, without stealing the show.

Kenzi Nevins, Illustrator and Agent – Cyle Young Agency), offers a workshop for artists!

An Illustrator’s Market: Portfolios, Platform, and Proposals outlines the following elements:

  • Social media and online portfolios: how many people have them, how many people think they need them, how many people have literally no idea what to do
  • Instagram: pros and cons, and its power for an illustrator
  • Online portfolios: what they should include and how to get a good one, with examples
  • The growing popularity of the illustrated book market
  • Children’s Trends: Nonfiction and Science (with examples)
  • Children’s Trends: Fiction and Diversity (with examples)
  • Parts of an illustrated book proposal (both children’s and graphic novels)
  • Various methods of illustration, and popular mediums



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