Mine Your Life to Write Authentic Fiction

Tips on mining your life.

The More I Learn, the More I Know I Need to Learn

 A common phrase I have heard my writing mentors say is, “Learn the craft.” Often times when people give advice, they forget to tell you how it is done. My writing mentor, Carol  Baldwin has poured time and energy into my writing life. She has sent ideas, websites, and encouraging words. She has suggested reading novels in my genre to…

Where Do Writing Ideas Come From?

Where Do Writing Ideas Come From?  by Guest Blogger, Theresa P. Pierce  About ten years ago, as a Curriculum Coach, I met children’s writer and curriculum instructor Lester Laminack. Over dinner, at the Wrenn House in Salisbury, NC, he taught a room full of educators how to inspire and instruct student writing. It was a great…

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