Giving thanks, resting for the journey ahead, and waiting for signs to move forward.

As rescue efforts continue for SC and NC coastal residents who anticipate a long journey of rebuilding after flood damage, many are in waiting mode. They know what must be done, but they can’t yet do it. Similarly, Pilgrim’s journey includes times when moving forward isn’t possible, and Pilgrim must wait for God’s intervention through change of circumstances. At other times, Pilgrim’s thinking needs to change: he’s stuck until he recognizes that God gave him tools he has forgotten to use.

A writing conference can help those whose creative projects have been in such a “hold” pattern. What circumstances need to change before you can make progress? What tools has God provided that you haven’t used or even recognized?

Join Pilgrim at Write2Ignite 2018 as we share and learn how to let God direct our writing journeys!

Where’s Pilgrim? Looking for shelter in the Palace Beautiful, we think.

Whether praising God after escaping danger or looking ahead to the next obstacle, Pilgrim remembers that God is the source of his strength and wisdom. As rain and wind gusts move into South Carolina and western North Carolina, we continue to remember those in coastal and lowland areas most affected by Hurricane Florence.

Pilgrim is still approaching! Pray for coastal residents in NC and SC.

Pilgrim wonders what lies ahead.

Now that the journey is underway, Christian often pauses. He wonders what lies ahead and prays for himself, his family, and people in need, like the coastal residents of North Carolina and South Carolina. He’s still on the path. He knows where he wants to go, but what will come between the place he’s in now and that destination?

Pilgrim (and Florence) are getting closer. Pray and watch for announcements!

As Hurricane Florence nears, so, too, does Pilgrim on his journey! We’re watching storm forecasts and praying that God will lessen the intensity of this storm or turn it away. We know that He is sovereign in all things. Our hope is that travel and essential services (power, water, fuel availability) will resume at mostly, if not completely, normal levels by the early part of next week. Please pray for those in the coastal and lowland areas who have been ordered to evacuate, and watch for updates. We’ll keep posting on Christian’s progress, as well as other subjects, as long as Internet access continues!

Pilgrim Enactor Approaches Write2Ignite Conference!

In John Bunyan’s classic tale, the pilgrim Christian journeys to faith through a world filled with dangers and distractions. Action and adventure meet him at every turn, with characters who help or hinder his progress.

Write2Ignite Conference participants will consider the pilgrim journey as we hear from keynote speakers and engage in workshops designed to nurture both our spiritual and writing journeys.

To set the stage for our exploration of these parallels, enactor Tyler Hendrick, variously playing either Bunyan or Christian (the pilgrim), will join the conference, interacting with presenters and attendees and sharing his thoughts on the journey.

Watch for updates on his step-by-step approach toward a gathering where all can learn how to share their stories.

Photo Sessions for the 2018 Conference

Do you have a professional headshot? If so, how long has it been since it was taken? Good headshots can be extremely valuable at helping you promote your work. They can be used on business cards, in articles, on book jackets, on blogs, and elsewhere. At the 2018 Write2Ignite conference, you’ll have an opportunity for […]